Jenna Jameson Trashes ‘Playboy’ — Says Transgender Playmate ‘Alienates Its Client Base’

One of the world’s most popular adult film stars has an issue with Playboy‘s decision to feature a transgender playmate. Jenna Jameson took to Twitter to express her annoyance with the magazine, whose decision she feels “alienates its client base.”

Playboy announced its first transgender playmate, Ines Rau, on Instagram on Thursday. Naturally, internet trolls did what they do best and flooded the comment section of the post. Many said they would never buy another Playboy again, while others said they only wanted “real women” in their nude magazines.

It seems these haters aren’t alone as Jameson shares the same sentiments. Shortly after Playboy made their announcement, the ex-adult film star went on a Twitter rant expressing her disdain.

Her first tweet included several face-palm emojis hinting she was annoyed with the new playmate. Within minutes, Jameson was under attack from those who supported Playboy‘s decision to feature Rau. This only seemed to add fuel to Jameson’s fire.

Jameson, who has appeared in Playboy herself, began responding to those who challenged her. When asked if she had a problem with the decision, she responded, “I have a problem with it just like I have a problem with a transgender competing against biological women in sports.”


She also shut down accusations that she was “transphobic,” and laughed off people who throw around phobias for everything these days. Jameson went on to say the decision was “setting fire to an iconic brand,” and blamed it on the “PC” world we live in.

When one user pointed out she had many LGBTQ fans, she responded that she loves her “gay and trans peeps.”

However, the Huffington Post noted that despite her declaration of love to the LGBTQ community, she liked several anti-trans tweets that same day. They also noticed Jameson began to unlike several of those tweets after too many people started to notice.

Her point was made clear: Jameson has no issue with trans people, but felt this decision was a smack in the face to Playboy‘s long-term subscribers and fans.

Jameson’s history with Playboy goes further than her multiple covers for the magazine. The 43-year-old sold her company, ClubJenna, on June 22, 2006, to Playboy. Her multi-media entertainment company managed pornographic websites and stars. Jameson even pointed this out during her Twitter rant, saying she sold the company for a “fortune.”

Jameson continues to respond and comment on this issue today.

[Featured Image by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images]