‘Alaskan Bush People’ Update: Rain Brown Gets Outpouring Of Love From Fans After Opening Up About Depression

Alaskan Bush People may be off the air for a while, but Rain Brown is still connecting with fans after the youngest of the reality television family opened up about her battle with depression.

While matriarch Ami Brown undergoes treatment for an aggressive form of cancer, the 14-year-old Rain Brown has become an unofficial family spokesperson of sorts, sharing some updates of her mother’s cancer battle with followers on social media.

But it was Rain Brown who was sharing her own health update this week, taking to Instagram to share details about her battle with depression. In the post, Rain said that she had been struggling with overall poor health, which left her feeling like “I was just a husk.”

Brown went on to say that she learned to stop being so hard on herself.

“But just now in the middle of the night it occurred to me, sometimes you don’t have to have a reason sometimes you don’t have to be perfect and somedays you just feel like staying in bed and watching old @simplynailogical videos and that’s OKAY! In the time of all this happening I told myself that over and over but it also hit me I had to actually believe it and just let it go and stop being bothered by it,” she wrote.

Since making the post, a number of fans reached out to the Alaskan Bush People star to offer their support and share their own stories of battling depression.


“I’m glad you are being a positive influence on the world. So many of the other 14 year girls in who are in the media are a negative influence,” one fan wrote on Instatram. “God bless.”

Some shared advice on how to deal with depression, noting that there was no shame in seeking treatment and commending Rain Brown for her willingness to share news about her mental health.

Others noted the difficulties that come from caring for a loved one battling a serious disease, like Ami Brown’s cancer. Since she was diagnosed, the Brown family relocated to Southern California, where she is undergoing treatment, and have opened up about the difficulties they are all facing in her uncertain time. Brown’s cancer has a low survival rate, though Rain Brown and other family members said they are remaining optimistic as she goes through treatment.

Rain Brown had previously opened up about her mixed feelings about leaving Alaska, sharing a photo of her departure from Juneau and telling fans that she wished to return one day.

While Rain Brown may be taking in plenty of love from fans after opening up about her depression, it’s not clear when those fans will get to see the Brown family on television again. There is no set date for Alaskan Bush People to return, and Ami Brown’s cancer battle could put a serious crimp on the ability to film the family.

[Featured Image by Rain Brown/Instagram]