Thong Jeans Expose Your Bum Leaving Little, If Nothing To The Imagination — New ‘Weird Fashion Trend’

They are called Thong jeans, but already the latest bizarre article of clothing to come off the runways has been given a few nicknames to shorten “thong jeans” into a catchy nickname. So far they’ve been referred to as “Theans,” “Jongs,” and “Thonjeangs.” Although “Thongjeangs” may be a bit harder to roll off the tongue than the original “thong jeans.”

WSMV local NBC out of Nashville suggests “whatever you decide to call them, they’re weird and the internet is going crazy.” Yes, they are going crazy, but not all the social media users who are offering comments on these thong jeans are in a hurry to get their hands on them.

The thong jeans are a creation of Japanese designer Thibaut and this very ripped looking apparel recently made a debut at the Amazon Fashion Week in Tokyo. Folks across the internet are not all fans of these torn-up jeans, as you can see by the comments left on the Twitter page covering the style seen on the runway at the Amazon Fashion Week Tokyo.


Comments range from “Can’t wait for casual Friday at the workplace so I can put on my jongs… lmao,” to “Nobody is actually going to wear that. I think fashion designers just make crazy s**t for fashion shows just to get attention. Look at me! Look at me!”

Descriptions of this latest fashion trend are also offered up on Twitter, such as — these thong jeans are “Possibly Clothes after a being put through a wood chipper.” The comments coming from the WSMV article are not sugar coating what these readers are seeing for sure, as seen below.

“That.. is the most impractical and ugliest thing I’ve ever seen.. would never wear it.”

“Uhm… looks like jean scraps. And can we not revisit the mullet?”

As reported, all that is left to these jeans are the seams as the rest of the material has been cut away. They also suggest that this one Japanese designer might have taken too much liberty with fashion and gone a little too far. After all, your total butt is totally exposed in these thong jeans.

The thong jeans were part of Brand Thibaut’s Spring/Summer collection for 2018. As the model walked the runway, her rear end was “clearly visible on the catwalk.” The model wasn’t dressed in a way that would add pizazz to the ensemble she was modeling for the crowd. This is what sarcastically alludes to in their critique.

“In addition to the barely-there jeans, the model completed the look with a pair of old trainers and a beige bodysuit — classic.”

You might expect a model to accessorize with something other than the “old pair of trainers.” Those spectacles looked like a pair of decades-old eyeglasses you might find in a forgotten drawer of junk at home.

AZ Family calls this new attire a “weird fashion trend. These thong jeans are expected to hit the market sometime next year during the warmer weather. They won’t be available in time for the holidays. Since they won’t provide much warmth in the winter months, it is an article of clothing probably better worn in the spring and summer, which may be why they are part of a spring/summer collection. Now the big question pops up, would you wear these?

[Featured Image by nnattalli/Shutterstock]