Dwyane Wade Kicks Bobcats Guard Ramon Sessions In Groin [Video]

Is Dwyane Wade a dirty player?

Some NBA fans are claiming so after the Heat star kicked Charlotte Bobcats guard Ramon Sessions in the groin Wednesday night.

With Miami leading 83-79 with four minutes to go in the fourth quarter, D-Wade dribbled the ball past half-court and was immediately fouled by Sessions, who appeared to be going for a steal.

By stopping his momentum, Wade’s left leg extended between Sessions legs and hit him square in the groin, which sent the Bobcats guard tumbling to the floor in pain.

Though Wade was not assessed any kind of foul — flagrant or common — by the officials for his actions, several members of the Bobcats immediately took exception to the play. And replay showed that there was a delay between the contact and Wade kicking out his leg, suggesting the contact was intentional.

“I thought he did it on purpose, and it wasn’t called,” Sessions said after the game.

According to ESPN Sports Nation, the NBA is reviewing the incident to determine whether Wade should be disciplined.

Larry Brown Sports notes is not the first time Wade has been involved in a questionable play.

In game 3 of the Eastern Conference Semifinals in 2011, Wade pulled down Rajon Rondo, resulting in a dislocated elbow for the Celtics guard.

Dwyane also committed a scary flagrant foul on Darren Collison in the playoffs last season, and broke Kobe Bryant’s nose in the All-Star Game.

Watch Dwyane Wade’s kick to the groin on Ramon Sessions in the video below and let us know: Do you think the low-blow was intentional? Should Wade be penalized by the NBA for the cheap shot?