Trump Golfing: Trump’s Trip No. 74 To Golf Club On Saturday As Funeral For Sgt. La David Johnson Gets Underway

The photos of President Donald Trump leaving the White House and making his way to the presidential motorcade en route to Trump’s Virginia golf club on October 21, are making the rounds. One Getty Images photo by Brendan Smialowski shows Trump decked out in white golf shoes, a white hat, a white shirt and dark pants. Another photo shows Trump looking towards the camera.

According to the below NBC News tweet, Trump’s trip on Saturday to his Virginia golf club represents trip No. 74 to a golf property, and Trump’s day No. 94 at a Trump property since he became president 274 days ago. According to the, the numbers are slightly different, with the website pegging Saturday’s outing as No. 70 for Trump, at an estimated cost to taxpayers at $74,564,780 – nearly hitting $75 million in expenses. Trump is receiving plenty of harsh criticism on Twitter for golfing for the third weekend in a row, especially as Sgt. La David Johnson’s funeral is scheduled for Saturday, according to CBS.

As seen in the below photo, there was a viewing held on Friday, October 20, prior to the funeral for Sgt. La David, one of four soldiers killed in an ISIS ambush in Niger. Mike Pacheco is shown bending over in the photo, overcome with grief as he stands near a hearse. Mike attended the viewing for Sgt. Johnson at Christ the Rock Community Church in Cooper City, Florida. Trump has made waves for a phone call that was intended to offer condolences to Sgt. Johnson’s widow, but ended up becoming a source of controversy.

According to White House pool reports, there were no public events scheduled for Trump on Saturday, with no mention of trips to a golf course on the schedule. As reported by Google Trends, queries about “Trump golfing” have surged on Saturday, with breakout questions like “Is trump golfing today?” being asked by Google users. Other popular queries include “Trump golfing this weekend” and “How many times has Trump gone golfing?”

The search engine notes the major amount of interest that Google users have placed upon Trump’s golfing habits and Trump’s frequency of golf trips since becoming president.

[Featured Image by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images]