Hillary Clinton Blasts Trump’s Twitter Tirades, Admits She Tried To Avoid Going To His Inauguration

Former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton recently slammed President Donald Trump’s use of Twitter, saying that his “dangerous” Twitter tirades can be “hurtful and unfair, and really causing problems for people.” Clinton appeared on Friday’s broadcast of the UK’s The Graham Norton Show, one of a series of media appearances for her latest book What Happened.

During the show, the 2016 Democratic presidential nominee teased that she ignores a lot of Trump’s tweets “because there are so many,” but admitted that she was concerned about his social media rants on international affairs.

“He does things that are not only upsetting but kind of inexplicable,” Clinton said.

“The most dangerous thing he does is conduct diplomacy on Twitter.”

“So he is trading insults with Kim Jong-un, which is just like catnip for Kim Jong-un,” she added.

“He loves that—the idea that he’s in a Twitter insult-fest with the President of the United States.”

Over the last few months, tensions have been escalating between Trump, who has repeatedly threatened to destroy Pyongyang, and North Korean dictator Kim, who recently called the president a “mentally deranged US dotard” and said that he will tame Trump “with fire.”

Aside from raising tensions with North Korea through his Twitter account, Trump has also used Twitter to spread fake news about Iran, criticize China, and escalate a feud with Mexican president Enrique Peña Nieto that resulted in Nieto cancelling a visit to the White House.

Most recently, Trump tweeted about the rise in Britain’s crime rate, erroneously attributing it to the “spread of radical Islamic terror.”

Meanwhile, during her appearance on The Graham Norton Show, Hillary Clinton also revealed that she had tried to get out of going to Trump’s inauguration in January. The former secretary of state was invited to the event not because she was Trump’s opponent in the presidential election, but because it is tradition for former presidents and former first ladies to participate.

According to Clinton, she and her husband called the other former presidents and first ladies to ask if they would be at the inauguration, hoping that someone would be skipping the event and that they could use it as an excuse to do the same.

“We thought, ‘Okay, maybe others aren’t going.’ So we called the Bushes and the elder Bushes were in the hospital, which I think was legitimate.”

Clinton said that they spoke with the Bushes and the Carters, who all confirmed that they were attending. After that, she said, she and her husband realized that they had no choice but to go.

“Bill and I looked at each other and said, ‘Well, we gotta go.'”

The former presidential candidate also talked about her disappointment during the occasion, telling Norton that she wanted Trump “to rise to the occasion of being our president—and being a president for everybody.” Instead of that, she said, Trump’s speech was “dark and divisive”—”a cry from the white nationalist gut,” as she wrote in her book.

According to Clinton, George W. Bush, who was seated beside her at the swearing-in ceremony, summed up Trump’s inaugural speech in five words:

“That was some weird sh**t.”

[Featured Image by Jack Taylor/Getty Images]