The Tesla Model S P100D Just Demolished BMW, Audi, And Mercedes-AMG In An Intense Drag, Rolling 1/4 Mile Race

American muscle cars have traditionally lagged in finesse and performance against their counterparts from the best of Germany such as Audi, Mercedes-AMG, and BMW. When it comes to performance cars, Germany’s finest is a tough crowd to beat. If a recent video is any indication, however, it seems like an American muscle car could completely dominate some of the best performance cars of Germany’s auto royalty.

As it turns out, all America needed to do was adopt some electric muscle.

In a recently uploaded video by noted automotive YouTube channel CarWow, a Tesla Model S P100D went head to head against three other performance luxury cars — the BMW M760Li, the Audi RS 6 Avant, and the Mercedes-AMG E63 Estate. According to the auto channel, each of the vehicles is pretty much a “performance monster,” with each car generating over 600hp and every car boasting all-wheel-drive.

To even out the playing field, CarWow also held the race in two parts — the first from a complete stop and the other from a rolling start at 50mph.

In both cases, the Tesla Model S P100D completely dominated its German competition.

Interestingly, the Tesla Model S P100D actually had the worst start in CarWow’s drag race, with the electric car starting almost a half second too late. Despite this, however, the P100D’s Ludicrous+ Mode boosted the EV all the way to the front of the pack, where it remained until the end of the race. The powerful luxury electric sedan finished the 1/4 mile run in 11 seconds.

The three German competitors did not finish with embarrassing times, however, with the 4.0-liter V8 Mercedes-AMG E63 Estate finishing the 1/4 mile in 11.2 seconds, the 6.6-liter V12 BMW M760Li finishing the event in 11.3 seconds and the 4.0-liter V8 Audi RS 6 Avant crossing the line at 11.4 seconds.

As noted by a Teslarati article, the CarWow team then followed up the drag race with a rolling start race at 50mph. This, if any, gives the ICE vehicles an advantage since it neutralizes the P100D’s insane instant torque to some degree.

Just like the first race, however, the Model S P100D eventually accelerated away from the pack, where it finished the 1/4 race ahead of the Mercedes-AMG E63 Estate, the Audi RS 6 Avant and the BMW M760Li.

Overall, CarWow‘s recent 1/4 race all but proves the undeniable power of electric cars in short and quick races. Despite being beaten soundly by the American electric muscle, however, it was hard not to be impressed with the performance of the three German cars as well. Each of the vehicles in the race, after all, were huge and heavy cars, but each performed admirably on the track. The Tesla Model S P100D just happened to be faster.

See the intense race below.

[Featured Image by Tesla]