The Tesla Model 3’s Production Seems To Be Finding Its Rhythm, Newest VIN Leaks Suggest

Tesla missed its production goals for September, delivering just 260 units out of a target of 1,500. If any, the results of last quarter’s production numbers correspond directly with Elon Musk’s prediction that the Model 3 would be in “production hell.” That is, it seems, until now, with new reports seemingly suggesting that Tesla is beginning to find its rhythm with regards to the Model 3’s production.

According to a recent Electrek report, around 1,000 new VINs have been registered by the upstart EV maker with the NHTSA, with the highest number being #2136. The VIN, which stands for vehicle identification number, is a unique code that is given to a specific automobile in the production line. While VINs are traditionally given to vehicles even before they are fully manufactured, carmakers usually register them with the NHTSA when the units are about to be produced.

Last month, Tesla registered Model 3 VINs up to #1134. Despite this, however, the company only declared a delivery of 260 vehicles until the end of September. During that same period, Model 3 units with VINs over #300 have been spotted on the road.

Earlier this week, sightings of Model 3 units with VINs in the #500 range have been spotted, which means that there are over 500 production TM3s that have already been delivered to customers. With VINs reaching #2136 being registered with the NHTSA, it almost seems like Tesla is already hitting its pace with the Model 3’s production.

The first Model 3 production car

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The new VINs, once they correspond with completed vehicles, would point to a jump of around 1000 new Model 3 units in a relatively short period of time. While the new set of VINs do not necessarily mean that Tesla is already producing thousands of cars a week, the higher numbers are nonetheless a pretty good sign that the carmaker’s production is finally starting to follow a different pace.

The Tesla Model 3’s production has been hit by a number of notable roadblocks since it was started earlier this year. Just last month, the upstart carmaker fell short of its goals due to what CEO Elon Musk dubbed as production “bottlenecks.” Not long after that, reports emerged that the Model 3’s manufacturing issues were in part due to the inability of suppliers to meet Tesla’s demand. A parts supplier was also reported to have been fired due to its shortcomings.

Tesla is yet to issue its latest Model 3 production figures. If the higher VINs do indicate a change of pace in the manufacture of the Model 3, however, then Elon Musk’s predicted production hell might soon come to an end.

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