Some ‘LPBW’ Fans Are Annoyed That Amy Roloff Is Still Using Matt’s Last Name

Amy Roloff has been doing the rounds on social media promoting the 2017 Pumpkin Season. Every week, the Roloff matriarch has attracted a lot of attention with her cute outfits, which have ranged from a poodle-themed vintage ensemble to a full-on cheerleader outfit. This week, Amy showed up in a pirate’s costume. While many Little People, Big World fans found Amy’s outfit endearing, some fans of the family’s hit reality TV show had some reservations.

Interestingly, the reservations from some members of the Little People, Big World community came not from the nature of Amy’s outfit, but from her last name. See, Amy still uses Roloff as her official family name. She is, however, already divorced from ex-husband Matt Roloff. Thus, for some members of the LPBW community, Amy does not have any more reason to use Matt’s last name.

These discussions became a point of interest in the comments section of Amy’s most recent Facebook post.

“She should be using her maiden name, not Roloff,” wrote one commenter.

“Why does Amy carry Matt’s name when they are divorced?” wrote another.

While the criticisms towards Amy’s use of Matt’s last name are understandable, many other members of the Little People, Big World community immediately stepped forward to defend the Roloff matriarch.

According to some Amy’s supporters, the Roloff matriarch has full control over the last name that she adopts. With this in mind, if Amy wants to be a Roloff, then she would be a Roloff. Apart from this, other supportive commenters also noted that Amy is probably not reverting to her maiden name because of her close relationship with her children. The Roloffs are, after all, a close-knit family.

“Glad you kept your last name. My daughter opted to do the same because of her children. Keep going strong!” wrote one commenter.

“I kept my married name because it’s my children’s last name. Most don’t go back to their maiden name. It’s a personal choice,” wrote another.

In a lot of ways, Amy’s supporters do have a point. In the United States, it is pretty much common practice for divorced women to keep their ex-husband’s last name. According to a Legal Zoom article, some divorcees opt to keep their married name to have the same name as their children, while others do so to avoid the mountains of paperwork associated with a name change.

Regardless of the official reasons, however, Amy Roloff seems to be happy with her role as the undisputed matriarch of the Roloff family. While she and Matt are pretty much living different lives at this point, the two seem to be in amicable terms with each other, and are still actively involved in the lives of their children. Thus, apart from her non-marriage to Matt, Amy is still very much a Roloff through and through.

What do you think about Amy still using Matt’s name? Should she revert to her maiden name, or should she keep her Roloff moniker? Sound off in the comments below!

[Featured Image by Amy Roloff/Facebook]