More Superstars Could Be Pulled From ‘TLC’ Due To The WWE Illness Plague

The string of talent being forcibly pulled from WWE in-ring competition due to a widespread illness is not necessarily over yet. This weekend, WWE is trying to straighten out the backstage chaos ensued by a variety of different reasons. For the cruiserweight division, Neville walked out, but Kalisto has been a suitable replacement. While Neville will indeed be a noticeable departure from the division, it is nothing that the WWE can not and will not bounce back from.

The women’s division is also being stricken by the chaos bug. While she was not scheduled to be in any prominent match at the upcoming TLC pay-per-view, with the exception of the Kickoff match against Sasha Banks, Nia Jax also became a recipient of the backstage hullabaloo after asking for some personal time off. Alicia Fox was Jax’s replacement, and the top match of the division between Alexa Bliss and Mickie James is scheduled to resume.

The biggest stories of the weekend have completely shifted the direction of two of the biggest matches on the TLC card.

One of the marquee matches is a battle between Finn Balor, as “The Demon,” and Bray Wyatt, as “Sister Abigail.” While this feud was stretched out to its limit, Wyatt coming out as Sister Abigail did cause some anticipation, even if it was criticized.

The biggest turn of events is the news released of Roman Reigns having to miss the pay-per-view due to the outbreak, which forced WWE to pull a desperate audible and bring back General Manager Kurt Angle as an in-ring competitor for the first time in 11 years.

There have been numerous reports on why Reigns will be missing the pay-per-view, ranging from mumps to viral meningitis. Medically, mumps can reach the state of viral meningitis if they spread into the outer protective layer of the brain. This occurs in about one in seven cases of the mumps.

As a precautionary measure, WWE is reportedly testing more talent to see if anyone else has been hit with the illness. As a result, there is a chance that even more superstars could be pulled from TLC and upcoming shows to prevent the illness from further spreading.

This kind of epidemic is very unique to the WWE and happened at a very inopportune time, seeing how a pay-per-view to help revive Reigns as a babyface will now serve a different purpose of giving fans a healthy alternative to all the shifting that the weekend brought.

[Featured Image by WWE]