WWE Rumors: Nia Jax To Return To WWE For European Tour After Time Away

If the latest WWE rumors hold true, then superstar Nia Jax will be back in the WWE ring soon after her leave of absence. The Raw women’s roster member had been on a hiatus to get some time away from the professional wrestling world. Initial stories of her leaving Raw sent shockwaves through the WWE Universe that more and more superstars might be exiting the company like Neville had. However, after the initial rumors were cleared up, it was reported that Jax simply needed some time to rest up and recover from the grueling schedule and workload involved with being a WWE superstar. Now her return timeframe is being rumored.

As fans noticed on last week’s Raw episode, there were several women’s roster matches on the show, but none of them involved Nia Jax. In addition, three matches involving women’s superstars were booked for the upcoming TLC: Tables, Ladders & Chairs 2017 pay-per-view, but Nia Jax has no involvement in them. In particular, Emma was chosen to be Asuka’s debut match and Mickie James was taking on Alexa Bliss for the women’s title. Those few things had created WWE rumors along with online reports that Jax was frustrated with WWE and had walked out on the company.

Nia Jax picks up Emma during match on WWE Raw

A recent report from F4WOnline’s Dave Meltzer broke down what really happened with Nia Jax leaving WWE for a short while.

“Jax is just resting up since she wasn’t figured into any major storylines, but according to those close to her, stories that she stormed off at Raw (she wasn’t even at Raw to begin with), asked for a leave of absence, or is unhappy with her pay are all untrue.”

Original rumors suggested that Jax had walked out of WWE Raw similar to former WWE Cruiserweight Champion Neville had. When Neville walked out it was due to being displeased with his booking, and there were rumors he was upset over his WWE pay situation. The Nia Jax rumors at first indicated that Jax was unhappy with her current lack of use in storylines or that she was upset with pay. However, as Meltzer notes it was simply a leave of absence.

The good news is that her return is now being speculated, and it’s coming soon. Nia Jax will be off a few more weeks and then return to participate in WWE’s European tour. That event starts on Wednesday, November 1, in Glasgow, Scotland. That could possibly mean that Jax will be back on the Raw episode just before that, or the Monday show following that European tour. Either way, it would seem she may have some involvement in next month’s dual-brand Survivor Series pay-per-view event.

Jax has been with WWE for a few short years now, entering NXT in 2014 and arriving at the main roster just last year. She’s yet to have a major championship run but certainly seems like she is deserving of one in the future. Jax will also appear on the seventh season of the hit E! reality television series Total Divas along with her good friend from WWE, Alexa Bliss. The first episode of that new season also begins on November 1, just in time for Nia’s speculated return to WWE.

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