Prince William And Queen Elizabeth Reportedly At Odds Over Pregnant Kate Middleton

Prince William and Queen Elizabeth are reportedly feuding over Kate Middleton’s pregnancy. Middleton allegedly wants to take a step back from the public eye in light of her new baby, and Elizabeth allegedly doesn’t approve of the move. Are William and Queen Elizabeth really at odds?

While Middleton’s pregnancy certainly complicates things for the royal family, Gossip Cop reports that William is not fighting with his grandmother. Sources claim that Middleton does not want to continue her royal duties with a baby on the way and wants to concentrate all of her efforts at home. To that end, Middleton requested fewer public engagements until her life returns to normal. The only problem is the request reportedly led to a huge fight between Queen Elizabeth and William.

Queen Elizabeth was allegedly angry at the thought of the next Queen of England stepping away from her duties just to have a child. When she confronted William about the problem, he reportedly stood up for Middleton, which ultimately led to the feud.

Fortunately, a source close to the royal family debunked the rumors and claims that nothing is amiss between Prince William and his grandmother. In fact, although Middleton canceled a few engagements while battling severe bouts of morning sickness, she is slowly getting back in the royal spotlight. Middleton recently appeared alongside William and Prince Harry at London’s Coach Core graduation.

As far as William and Queen Elizabeth are concerned, the two have always shared a close bond. In fact, Vogue reports that the Queen has been schooling William ever since he was a young boy. Queen Elizabeth would frequently invite William to Windsor Castle and show him all of the duties she performs on a daily basis, including going through official paperwork. William has even praised his grandmother for always remaining politically neutral over her incredibly long reign and referred to her as an ideal role model.

Prince William, of course, will become King of England once Queen Elizabeth and his father, Prince Charles, have moved on. Thankfully, it sounds like Queen Elizabeth has equipped him with all the tools he needs to become a good monarch.

[Featured Image by Oil Scarff/Getty Images]