‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Will Patient Six Rescue Kidnapped Sam? Is This How Sam Meets Classic Jason Again?

General Hospital spoilers reveal that Patient Six’s (Steve Burton) past is about to catch up with him and with his loved ones. Dr. Klein (Gene Farber) has been on the hunt for his patient and has been unsuccessful in getting him back to the clinic. Patient Six has been brilliant at eluding the doctor and his goons, but that is because he knows that they’re after him and so he is covering all his tracks. Unfortunately, his loved ones don’t have this advantage because they simply don’t know that he is back. In a desperate attempt to lure Patient Six back to him, Dr. Klein will do the unthinkable and kidnap Sam (Kelly Monaco).

They know that Patient Six is a man who loves his family, and they know that he will do just about anything to protect them. General Hospital spoilers indicate that Dr. Klein will bide his time and wait for the perfect opportunity to strike. It seems as if that moment may come sooner than expected. With Sam and Jason’s (Billy Miller) big party coming up, this might present an opportunity for a kidnapping to take place because everybody will be preoccupied with the events of that day and making it a special one.

General Hospital spoilers, via She Knows Soaps, state that Sam’s party will come to an abrupt end. Could this be the opportunity that Dr. Klein was waiting for? Could this when his goons kidnap her and take her away from her beloved Jason and family? One thing is for sure, her family will be in hot pursuit trying to find her as fast as possible. General Hospital spoilers indicate that both Jasons will be trying to locate Sam and bring her home, with classic Jason possibly only finding out about her disappearance on October 31. He could put the pieces of the puzzle together and realize that Dr. Klein got to Sam instead of him, which could be a considerable advantage over current Jason who may not have any clues at all.

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What could be more intense than having Sam and the classic Jason face to face when he rescues her? How will current Jason react when he learns that his wife is missing? Stay tuned for all the General Hospital spoilers and details as we bring you the latest news for the November sweeps.

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