Erinn Hayes Responds To Suggestion That Scientology Is Behind ‘Kevin Can Wait’ Bashing

Erinn Hayes has had quite a week on Twitter. After months of silence regarding her firing from the CBS sitcom Kevin Can Wait, Hayes has been active on social media this week as fans continue to rally behind her. For Kevin Can Wait’s second season, Erinn Hayes was replaced by Leah Remini as the leading lady on the Kevin James comedy, and some fans think Scientologists who are angered over Remini’s nasty split from the Church of Scientology (and her explosive Scientology and the Aftermath docu-series) are behind the bashing of the show. Now, Hayes seems to agree—at least to a degree.

After a Kevin Can Wait fan tweeted to Hayes with, “U know Scientology is behind bashing #KevinCanWait, right? They have an agenda. No hate here, just sayin’,” Hayes responded directly to her follower.

“Very aware and don’t condone any of the bashing. Watch the show or don’t, but I find the personal attacks very ugly.”

After the Twitter user responded with, “I agree. Personal attacks are uncalled for. U were great on the show & all you’ve done. Talented! Just wanted u to be aware of Scn tactics,” Hayes didn’t answer back, but she “liked” the tweet. You can see the surprising exchange between Erinn Hayes and the Kevin Can Wait fan below.

While Erinn Hayes seems to be under the impression that Scientologists are behind at least some of the Kevin Can Wait hate, the Church of Scientology issued a statement to Us Weekly denouncing the idea.

“Whoever suggested to Ms. Hayes that these messages were from Scientologists is purposely misleading her and operating on an anti-religious agenda. This is pure bigotry,” a representative from the church told Us Weekly.

Earlier this week, Erinn Hayes “liked” multiple tweets by Kevin Can Wait fans who are upset her character Donna Gable was killed off and replaced with Leah Remini’s Vanessa Cellucci, but the Scientology suggestion was the first tweet that the actress directly responded to.

Last month, Erinn Hayes issued an appeal to fans to stop hating on Leah Remini for Kevin Can Wait’s casting changes. Erinn wrote that while she was thankful for the positive support of her fans, she made it clear that she didn’t ask for personal attacks against Remini in her name.

Erinn Hayes worked with Leah Remini on the first season of Kevin Can Wait when James’ 10-year King of Queens co-star made a two-episode guest stint on his sophomore CBS series. After Hayes was fired from the show as part of a new creative direction that would make James’ character a widower, Leah Remini defended Erinn Hayes on Twitter, describing the actress as “lovely and funny” and stating she has been looking forward to working with her again.

Leah Remini with Erinn Hayes

Kevin Can Wait has had very mixed reviews for its second season. While some fans are happy to see the King of Queens co-stars reunited, others are slamming the show for how they handled Hayes’ ousting by killing off her character. Five episodes in, fans are still in the dark on how Erinn’s character, Donna, died. Meanwhile, Erinn Hayes has moved on to a lead role on Amazon’s The Dangerous Book for Boys, where she plays…a widow.

Kevin Can Wait airs Mondays at 9 p.m. ET on CBS.

[Featured Image by Jeff Neumann/CBS]