David Beckham Has Offers To Continue Playing, But Doesn’t Want To Rush Decision

David Beckham has plenty of offers to continue his soccer career if he so wishes, but the 37-year-old midfielder isn’t rushing his decision.

There have been reports of offers from clubs in France, Australia, and Asia for David Beckham to continue his much accomplished career. Despite the many offers, Beckham’s management company said he still in the “early days of the process” to decide what he will do next.

“David is in no hurry to make a decision, the key is making the right one as he has always done successfully in his career,” the statement said.

ESPN has noted that it’s unlikely Beckham will make a return to the English Premier League, where he was a star for the Manchester United from 1993 to 2003. He’s reportedly also ruled out a jump to Australia’s A-League.

He has said it’s unlikely he will return to the English Premier League, where he starred for Manchester United from 1993 to 2003. Beckham is also reported to have ruled out a move to Australia’s A-League. Talks between Beckham and French second-division club Monaco have also reportedly fizzled.

Instead Beckham is turning his focus to his family.

“David is enjoying spending quality time with his family over the holidays,” his management company said.

Beckham appears eager to continue playing, with The Associated Press reporting in November that his career wasn’t over yet.

If David Beckham decides not to continue playing, he will end his career on top. He ended his five-year sting with the Los Angeles Galaxy by leading the team to the MLS Cup. He will also leave a lasting mark on soccer worldwide, but especially in the United States, where he became the most high-profile star and put the MLS on the map.