October 20, 2017
Beth Chapman Cancer Update: Wife Of 'Dog The Bounty Hunter' Battles Throat Cancer, Soaks In Love From Fans

Beth Chapman has a rough battle with cancer ahead of her, but the wife of Dog the Bounty Hunter has been finding support and inspiration from her many fans.

In September, the reality television star revealed to fans that she had been diagnosed with throat cancer and underwent a 13-hour surgery to have a tumor removed. Chapman told her fans that her cancer battle would bring plenty of challenges, and she now appears to be turning to those fans for support.

In the weeks since first announcing her cancer battle, Beth Chapman has turned her social media pages into a diary of sorts, sharing some brief updates with fans but largely soaking in their words of encouragement and sharing some kind words of her own.

While Chapman is undergoing an aggressive course of treatment for her cancer, the odds appear to be in her favor. The American Cancer Society noted that the five-year survival rate for throat cancer ranges from 39 percent to 74 percent depending on the exact type of cancer. While Chapman did not note exactly what kind of cancer she had been diagnosed with, the most common forms of throat cancer are considered highly treatable when detected in the earlier stages, Healthline noted.

Beth Chapman has given fans a glimpse into her cancer fight, including a picture of herself on the day before she went in for her initial surgery.

Many fans have now come to Beth Chapman with their own stories of health struggles, including one who tweeted about undergoing chemotherapy for her breast cancer. Beth Chapman had some words of encouragement for the fan.
But Beth Chapman has expressed some frustration as well, including a retweet with her wishes that 2017 would soon be over.
The social media interactions come as a boon to fans trying to keep up with Beth Chapman's condition. Both Beth and her husband have gone on the record a few times about her cancer fight, with Duane Chapman saying earlier this month that his wife was in some pain through her treatment.

"I'm good and she's trying to do good," Duane Chapman said (via Fox News). "On a 1 to 10 [scale] her pain is about a 9 so…she's not good."

He added that Beth had an active lifestyle and was in good shape prior to being diagnosed, which made the diagnosis hit that much harder.

"The doctor said she was the most healthiest 49-year-old female he'd seen, so this stuff can attack the healthiest," said Dog the Bounty Hunter. "You don't have to be sick to catch cancer. She was really healthy."

Despite the few interviews, fans appear to be looking increasingly to Beth Chapman's social media pages for updates on her cancer battle.

[Featured Image by Rick Diamond/Getty Images]