October 20, 2017
Drake Reportedly Dating Bella Hadid For Months, Causing Rift With The Weeknd Over Romance?

Drake has reportedly been dating Bella Hadid for several months but chose to keep the romance a secret for as long as possible, it's been reported.

According to Life & Style, the couple has been spotted out and about on several occasions now and never has it seemed as if the duo were just friends.

Bella and Drake are extremely close to one another, and even fans have noticed that in recent weeks, particularly when the rapper surprised his supposed girlfriend with a birthday bash in New York earlier this month.

Drake footed the entire bill for Hadid to have a good time with friends and family who were all in attendance.

Now, however, sources are coming forward, claiming that Bella and Drake have been seeing one another since June and it's only gotten more serious ever since.

According to Life & Style, the supermodel had no interest in rushing into a new relationship following her breakup with The Weeknd back in November. She was absolutely crushed when she found out he had moved on with Selena Gomez and it took her a long time to get over it.

Right around the time she found herself spending more time with Drake in June, their initial friendship had developed to be more than just pals, and it wasn't long before the duo allegedly labeled themselves as a couple.

Bella and Drake are very quiet about their supposed relationship, with some fans wondering how The Weeknd must feel about the news that his ex-girlfriend is dating one of his closest friends.

Drake has allegedly had a crush on the 21-year-old for quite some time, so when he saw the opportunity to make his move on her, he couldn't help letting the model know how he felt about her.

Fortunately for him, he approached Hadid at a time where she was finally comfortable with the idea of dating again, though it took her quite some time.

Sources say that things are heating up between Bella and Drake, but neither one of them have plans of confirming their romance to their fans. They want to continue remaining as secretive as they can with their relationship regardless of whether people know or not.

[Featured Image by Christopher Polk/Getty Images]