October 20, 2017
Indiana Pastor Allegedly Used Candy To Tempt 3-Year-Old Before Molesting Her And Other Young Girls

An alleged child predator is behind bars after a pastor was charged with molesting young girls.

Garry Evans, 72, of Rushville, Indiana has been placed under arrest and jailed on sexual assault charges. Evans is charged with three counts child molestation, four counts of sexual battery, and five counts of solicitation, People reports.

On September 4 of last month, the mother of a three-year-old girl told authorities at the Department of Child Services that she believed Evans had sexually abused her daughter. Local police launched an investigation into the Rushville Baptist Temple immediately.

Police interviewed the unidentified girl, who even at the age of 3, detailed the encounter. The girl said Evans asked her to come to his office for some candy. He allegedly ended up pulling his pants down and forced her to touch his genitals.

Afterwards, he reportedly made her promise not to tell anyone.

By September 22, officers had the search warrant they needed to check Evans' church. It's unclear if the authorities found any evidence during their search. When the story began circulating around Rushville, mothers who knew their children had spent time with Evans decided to ask their kids if they had any bad experiences with the man.

Instances regarding four more girls arose who claimed they were touched by the pastor. They all told the same story of being offered candy before he allegedly committed sexual acts.

A different victim claimed Evans put his hands down her pants, while another alleged he touched her multiple times whenever she came to church. One girl admitted he laughed at her when she told him she was uncomfortable and didn't want to touch him.

Rushville Police Chief Craig Tucker claims they have worked on this case every single day since the first mother stepped forward.

Local news station Fox59 says the police believe there are more victims who haven't or are unwilling to come forward. Chief Tucker urged anyone in the area who had an alleged incident with Evans to call the police department.

Evans was the pastor for 30 years with the Rushville Baptist Temple. He's being held without bond at the Rush County Jail and reportedly has not entered a plea.

[Featured Image by Rushville Police Department]