October 20, 2017
'General Hospital' Spoilers: Patient 6 Attacks Franco, Furious That Serial Killer Is Raising Jake

General Hospital spoilers promise that Patient 6 (Steve Burton), otherwise known as Jason-1, still has some nasty surprises in store about his old life in Port Charles. Many changes happened during the five years of his life that he's missing, and Jason-1 will be stunned to see what's going on with Elizabeth Webber (Rebecca Herbst), plus revelations about Danny Morgan (TK Weaver) and Jake Webber (Hudson West). To understand Jason-1's state of mind, think about what life was like and what he knew the night he "died" on October 19, 2012.

Jason-1 died thinking Danny was not his son

If you consult General Hospital recaps for the night that Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) "died," it should refresh your memory that Jason went down to the docks believing Franco was Danny's biological father. Jason had just pledged to Sam Morgan (Kelly Monaco) that he would love Danny like his own and raise the baby with her. Back then, Franco was "dead" because Jason had killed him. Also, Franco back in the day was played by James Franco, the originator of the role.

Little Jake was still dead at the time that Jason was killed. So, as of Jason-1's disappearance five years ago, he had only one biological child – Jake Webber – and that child was dead. He was married to Sam but looking at raising the child of a serial killer that had raped Sam on their honeymoon. In Jason-1's mind, that was like yesterday, so the wounds are still fresh. On the Thursday, October 19 episode of GH, Jason-1 learned that little Jake was somehow alive but didn't understand it.

Jason-1 doesn't know Franco is reformed

There's also the matter of Franco. Last Jason-1 knew, Franco was a really, really bad guy. He was a serial killer that took pleasure in tormenting people, was obsessed with Jason, drugged Sam, tied up Jason, and convinced them that he raped Sam and fathered her son, Danny. While Jason was gone, Franco provided video evidence that he tricked Sam and Jason and never raped Sam. Also, Sam discovered that Jason-1 was Danny's biological father. Jason-1 must face some startling truths.

General Hospital spoilers also explained how Franco has been much better since he came back from the dead and had a dangerous tumor removed. Now, he is struggling to be a decent person. Franco is not the monster that Jason remembers, but Jason-1 has no idea about all that. So, when Jason-1 and Franco finally come face to face, all that awful history will be there between them. It's doubtful that Franco will get a chance to explain that he's cured and better before Jason attacks.

Jason-1 furious Franco with Liz, playing dad to Jake

General Hospital spoilers from TV Source promise next week that Ava Jerome (Maura West) does some investigating, and it seems she's helping Jason-1 prove his identity. Meanwhile, Jason-1 is lurking in the shadows in Port Charles, and that's when he'll see Liz and Franco together, along with Jake. This is almost too much for Jason-1 to comprehend. His ex is with his mortal enemy, and Franco is acting like a happy, loving stepdad to Jake. This might break Jason-1's brain and Franco's bones.

We've seen that Jason-1 is a creature of instinct, and he strikes like a snake when threatened. When he sees Franco, whom he still believes is a dangerous serial killer, with Liz and Jake, there's no telling what he might do. Then there's also the revelation to come that Jason, not Franco, is Danny's biological father. Franco will be stunned to see Jason-1's face. Currently, Jason and his twin Drew Q are all that Franco can think about, and he's been having nightmares about them. He might even think Jason-1 is a nightmare come to life.

Two Jasons, double trouble for Franco

General Hospital spoilers tease that the reveal of two Jasons in Port Charles will trigger Franco. Spoilers from Soap Central predict Franco's art takes a dark turn next week as this drama unfolds. Jason-2 (Billy Miller) and Franco have achieved a very fragile co-existence, but it's been a long time getting there. Throwing Jason-1 into the mix with all the hatred of Franco fresh and vivid in his mind will be unsettling for all three men. Plus, Franco will feel threatened that he might lose Liz to one of the Jasons.

There's lots of trouble coming with this reveal. Some GH spoilers hint that Jason-2 (Miller) knows he's not the real Jason and has been keeping the secret for good reasons. Over the next ten days, Ava helps Jason-1, and he struggles to shake Dr. Klein and the bad guys chasing him. Jason must face the bad guys that kept him captive and the culprit behind his captivity. Franco is a big problem for Jason-1, but there's more to come. Check back often for more General Hospital spoilers and news.

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