Most Annoying Words Of 2012 Are Like, You Know, Whatever

The most annoying words of, like, 2012, are you know, annoying. I’m just sayin’ that a Marist poll has found that, you know, like some words are more annoying than others. But whatever, it’s not like 32% of people or whatever would cringe at reading this paragraph.

According to Marist Poll released today Americans still hate the word “whatever.” The word, for the fourth consecutive year, has topped the Most Annoying Words of the year list. Marist reports that more than 3 in 10 people found the word irritating.

Another 21% found the word “like” bothersome and 17% were sick of people saying “you know.”

“Just sayin” annoyed 10% of respondents while “Twitterverse,” “gotcha” and “unsure” both annoyed enough people to make the annual list.


Marist interviewed more than 1000 people to come up with its annual list.

Last year’s list included many of the same words. “Whaterver,” “like,” “you know,” and “just sayin’ ” were all on the 2011 list. 2011 also included the word “seriously” instead of “Twitterverse” and “gotcha.”

Do you find these words annoying? What do you think is the most annoying word of the year?