October 20, 2017
Why Taylor Swift Fans Think She's Dropping Baby Hints Amid Pregnancy Rumors

Taylor Swift has been staying under the radar ahead of the release of her upcoming album. Fans now think that she may have been dropping some serious baby hints amid the pregnancy rumors that have been swirling around her over the past few weeks.

Swift first sparked the pregnancy speculation after meeting with a fan in London earlier this month. The rumors hit fever pitch once again this week after a number of fans claimed another new photo of the superstar may have shown her once again posing with a baby bump as she appeared to drop some teases on Tumblr.

After the snap, which showed the "Look What You Made Me Do" singer embracing a fan during a recent secret listening session for her new album, Reputation, was posted online this week, the rumor mill once again went into overdrive with overly excited fans speculating that she could be pregnant and staying out of the spotlight as of late as a result.

"Y'all wtf is Taylor pregnant," @drunkrrys tweeted alongside the photo, while another wrote, "Taylor looks pregnant whatttt."

The snap was also posted to the music forum ATRL, where a slew of users claimed that the star looked as though she could be pregnant and may have been showing off a potential baby bump.

But despite all the speculation, the fan in the photo joked that it was actually just her chest giving the illusion of a baby bump.

"Dear Taylor, sorry my boob apparently makes you look pregnant," @gingerswift13 joked after the snap went viral.

But despite the fan's denial, after the photo got social media users talking once again, others claimed that Swift herself may have added fuel to the fire after noting on Tumblr that the latest song to be released from her upcoming album, the new track "Gorgeous," has a "baby voice" at the beginning.

One of Swift's followers wrote on the social media site, "The baby voice, just wait till you find out who it is," to which one Twitter user responded, "WHY DOES IT FEEL LIKE THEY ARE TRYING TO HINT US THAT TAYLOR IS PREGNANT?"

Why Taylor Swift Fans Think She's Dropping Baby Hints Amid Pregnancy Rumors
[Image by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for BMI]

Another Tumblr user then directly asked the star who the voice belonged to, to which she teased, "300 people know," referring to the lucky fans invited to her top-secret Reputation listening sessions.

Swift has been dating boyfriend Joe Alwyn for a year, who People recently claimed inspired the song with the baby voice at the beginning, which only ramped up the rumors even further.

Other fans of the star then jumped on the bandwagon after weeks of pregnancy rumors that just refuse to die down.

"Call me crazy but now I highly believe that Taylor is pregnant/has a baby," @melodramaswift tweeted. "Umm Taylor looks hella pregnant," another said.

The pregnancy speculation first began earlier this month after Swift met with a fan in London and a video of the star standing to the side had a number of social media users claiming she may have had a baby bump.

She then sparked rumors again a few days later after another snap was posted online of Taylor posing with two fans who interlocked their hands over her stomach.

Of course, Swift hasn't commented on all the rampant speculation that she could be pregnant, and a number of fans have pointed out that the "bump" fans have been noticing over the past few weeks may be nothing more than that the star sporting baggy sweaters during her most recent public appearances.

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