Jacob Roloff From 'Little People, Big World' Calls California 'Home' After Rumored Move Back To Roloff Farms

Jacob Roloff from Little People, Big World called California "home" in a video that was uploaded to his YouTube channel. Rumors had been swirling that the former Little People, Big World child star and fan-favorite had moved back to Roloff Farms and might even make an appearance once again in the Roloff family's long-running TLC reality TV series. However, Jacob Roloff, along with his longtime girlfriend, Isabel, said in a lengthy video on their Rock & Roloff YouTube channel that California is their home, not Oregon, where Roloff Farms is located.

After being away from YouTube for three months, due to "a lot going on" this past summer, as noted by Jacob Roloff in last month's video description, the young couple shared a video of a recent trip back to the California coast; more specifically, the Ventura Pier. Jacob Roloff shared that it was a "great relief" to get back to California, adding that "this is our home." Jacob's girlfriend, who he's known for the last six years, Isabel Sofia Garreton Rock, 21, said in the 10-minute video that they haven't been to the beach since they lived in Arcata, California.

Fans of Little People, Big World have been keeping up with Jacob Roloff on social media ever since the 20-year-old youngest member of the Roloff family decided not star in any new seasons of his family's reality TV show, starting with all of Season 10 in 2016. Jacob only sporadically appeared on episodes prior to that, after appearing fairly regularly on Little People, Big World from 2006 to 2010, as previously shared by the Inquisitr. Much to the dismay of fans, Jacob Roloff decided to not only part ways with Little People, Big World, but also Roloff Farms, located in Helvetia, Oregon, due to various reasons, including money, religion, and alleged fakery on the show, as also previously shared by the Inquisitr.

Jacob and Izzy had been living in California after Jacob told his Instagram followers in July of 2016 that appearing on Little People, Big World "will never happen" again, but rumors recently surfaced on the SpiritsWander blog that Jacob Roloff had moved back to Roloff Farms this past summer and was actually living with his mom, Amy Roloff, in the farm's main house. Photos began to appear of Jacob with other members of the Roloff family on his Instagram account, as well as social media accounts belonging to his siblings and parents, but apparently only because "there has been a lot going on for us this summer." Jacob is more than likely referring to the birth of his nephew, Jackson Kyle Roloff, in May, his sister Molly's wedding in August, and the birth of his niece, Ember Jean, just over a month ago.

All of those important life events understandably brought Jacob and Izzy back to Roloff Farms for a while, and despite recent rumors that Jacob might make appearances on upcoming new episodes of Little People, Big World, as well as rumors that he moved back to Roloff Farms, it appears that Jacob and Izzy found their way back to California. Jacob Roloff shared an image on his Instagram account not even two weeks ago that shows a location in California, and Isabel shared a photo just yesterday that is also tagged with a California location. Although Jacob Roloff's loyal following, who respected Jacob for his decision to cut ties with Little People, Big World, will be relieved to know that he probably won't be partaking in the upcoming new Season 13, they will also have to understand that Jacob and Izzy will, from time to time, still appear with members of the Roloff family.

A new video actually surfaced on Thursday that shows Jacob Roloff holding his new baby niece, Ember Jean Roloff. It is not known when the video was filmed, but Ember was born on September 10 to Jeremy and Audrey Roloff.
Isabel Sofia Garreton Rock shared a photo earlier this month of her "little corner of the world" in Northern California where she says she "spends a decent amount of time" reading, writing, painting, and working. Jacob and Isabel have known each other for at least six years, as shared by Isabel on September 18, when she took to Facebook to write that six years ago "today" Jacob Roloff added her to his Facebook "after meeting on the school bus," adding that "the rest is history."[Featured Image by Jacob Roloff/Instagram]