'Longmire' Season 6: How Will Things End Between Walt and Vic?

For years, Longmire has hinted the potential relationship of Walt (Robert Taylor) and Vic (Katee Sackhoff). It has been a case of will they, won't they for the Sheriff and his second-in-command, but the recently released trailer for Season 6 - the series' final season – showed that Walt and Vic's feelings would be explored further.

In the trailer, it was revealed that Walt is dealing with a problem about his land, which he thinks is the only thing he's got and will possibly be sold off. However, in a sweet moment, Vic reminds him that his land is "not all you have. You have me."

Vic's feelings for Walt have not always been reciprocated, and in the Longmire Season 6 trailer, it seems that these emotions have grown stronger. Although Vic didn't clearly profess her deep feelings, she has managed to let Walt know that he can expect her to be there for him always.

As previously reported, though, Sackhoff has teased that she is excited to see the ending between Walt and Vic in Longmire Season 6. In June, the actress posted on Twitter a photo of the two on set, expressing how she had a blast filming for the final season. She added that she was excited for fans to see the "beautiful ending" between the two characters.

Longmire Season 6 trailer shows sweet moment between Walt and Vic.
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Whatever that ending will be, it will surely be one of the many scenes fans will look forward to in Season 6. Walt-Vic shippers may feel hopeful about a blossoming romance, and Carter Matt also noted that there is a good chance that Walt and Vic's relationship will come to fruition in LongmireSeason 6.

However, it remains to be seen what will really happen to the Sheriff and his deputy sheriff when it comes to their own feelings. There's also that fact that Vic's keeping a secret from her partner. It was also shown in the trailer that she hasn't told Walt about her pregnancy and how she thinks he shouldn't know about it.

Other than the Walt-Vic romance, the well-loved Netflix series is expected to end in an epic manner as a proper send-off. Viewers will just have to wait until Nov. 17 to find out more about their favorite characters on Longmire Season 6.

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