October 20, 2017
Alabama Execution: Torrey McNabb Put To Death For Killing Cop

Torrey Twane McNabb was executed by the state of Alabama for the 1997 homicide of a Montgomery police officer. At precisely 9:38 p.m. Thursday night, McNabb was pronounced dead by prison officials.

Prior to the Alabama execution, attorneys for McNabb filed numerous appeals to save the inmate's life, but they were unsuccessful. Per a report from AL.com, the last attempt was denied sometime around 8 p.m., and the execution by lethal injection was carried out.

While raising two middle fingers, McNabb had some rather scathing words for Alabama before passing out.

"Mom, sis, look at my eyes. I'm unafraid... To the state of Alabama, I hate you motherf***ers. I hate you. I hate you."
Approximately 20 minutes before McNabb was pronounced dead, the condemned prisoner raised his right arm, and a Holman Correctional Facility official did a consciousness check. Despite concern from McNabb's family, Jim Dunn with the Alabama Department of Corrections was sure the inmate was unconscious when the test was done.

"Yes, I'm confident he was more than unconscious at that point. I've witnessed several of these executions and involuntary movements are not uncommon," Dunn said during a press conference after the Alabama execution, as reported by AL.com.

Torrey McNabb was challenging lethal injection procedure before his death.
Execution chamber in Alabama where Torrey McNabb was put to death. [Image by Dave Martin/AP Images]

McNabb's attorneys tried to stop the death sentence because of an ongoing lawsuit against Alabama that is challenging the execution procedure. The case, which McNabb was a part of, questions the humaneness of lethal injection. The U.S. Supreme Court blocked the prisoner's execution for two hours but ultimately decided to deny the appeal.

Torrey McNabb received the death penalty for killing police officer Anderson Gordon in 1997. According to a Kansas City Star report, Gordon was responding to a traffic accident McNabb had caused while being pursued by a bail bondsmen. Gordon, while sitting in a patrol car, was shot five times by McNabb.

Torrey McNabb receives death penalty for killing Anderson Gordon.
Montgomery police officer Anderson Gordon was killed in the line of duty by Torrey Twane McNabb. [Image by Montgomery (Ala.) Police/AP Images]

In a public statement following the execution, Alabama Attorney General Steve Marshall said the "wait for justice is finally over."

"Tonight, the family of Officer Gordon can finally seek peace."
Torrey McNabb was 40-years-old when he was executed. On the last day of his life, the doomed death row inmate did not eat nor request a last meal. He also did not want a chaplain to attend the execution.

[Featured Image by Alabama Department of Corrections/AP Images]