October 20, 2017
WWE Rumors: Daniel Bryan Has Changed His Mind About Re-signing With WWE

Last February, Daniel Bryan made an official retirement speech in front of the WWE Universe. It wasn't the way anyone saw or wanted his wrestling career to end, but many fans remain hopeful that he will be able to wrestle again after his contract expires with WWE next year. Recently, it was revealed that his deal is set to expire next September. It's been rumored that Bryan has been training for his in-ring return after that date.

On paper, Bryan would be able to wrestle anywhere outside of WWE if he's medically cleared to compete. A lot of people feel that he should not risk getting back into the ring, especially now that he is married to Brie Bella and they have their first child together. Until recently, the general belief was that Daniel Bryan would continue his career next September. However, it's now being rumored that he may have changed his mind.

Apparently, there's some speculation going around that Bryan is reconsidering getting back into the ring. It is coming to light that he could re-sign with WWE instead of wrestling again outside of the company. There are several reasons why this could be the case. His family would be the most logical. However, other issues could be influencing his decision to stay with WWE. Time, money, and high expectations may all be factors.

Daniel Bryan is Training With Brie Bella
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By the time his WWE contract expires, Daniel Bryan will have gone three years without wrestling an official match. His long absence on the shelf may be too much for him to overcome. Since WWE's Draft and brand extension, Bryan has been the General Manager for SmackDown Live. Obviously, it's not the perfect gig for him, but the money he's making with WWE could be more than what he would be making wrestling again.

After three years of buildup and time out of the ring, wrestling fans may be expecting too much from Bryan inside the ring, especially with his health being at risk. He will not be the same performer he was before his retirement. Daniel Bryan's return to the ring may not live up to the expectations of the fans. On paper, that could be considered one of the biggest disappointments in wrestling history. The truth is Daniel Bryan only needs to impress and think about his own opinion, but a lot can happen before Septemeber rolls around.

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