‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Griffin Might Have A New Competition, Ava Has The Hots For Patient 6?

General Hospital spoilers tease more twists as Ava (Maura West) becomes more involved with Patient 6 (Steve Burton). The Russian clinic escapee is deeply indebted to Ava who helped him escape his prison. Ava may be partial to Griffin (Matt Cohen), but nothing is set in stone.

Ava was the person who pushed Patient 6 to take action, and General Hospital spoilers tease these two might have a hookup. Being back in Port Charles will stir deep emotions for Patient 6, and realizing Sam (Kelly Monaco) already moved on with another man will set him up for heartbreak.

For the previous episodes of General Hospital, Ava seems to be bumping into Patient 6 all the time. It’s just a matter of time before she figures out who the mysterious person is. Ava has firsthand knowledge of what it feels like to lose everything you value. Seeing Patient 6’s current struggles could appeal to the emotional side of Ava. She already helped him once, and the consequences were not light. It would not be unusual if she decides to help the guy out again now that she is back in Port Charles.

It’s possible for Ava to reconnect with Patient 6. She might even help out the man who has been lurking in town. However, things will take a huge turn now because of Griffin’s decision.

With how things are in General Hospital, Griffin and Ava could finally pursue a romantic relationship. Griffin seems to have developed feelings for Ava after the fire incident, and he made a big decision which could redefine their relationship. Griffin left the priesthood since he feels he is not fit for that kind of life. In the previous episodes of General Hospital, he has been hot and cold with Ava as to the status of their relationship.

General Hospital spoilers tease a deeper connection between Griffin and Ava. While telling Ava about his decision, Griffin was clear that there was “no more Father Munroe or just doctor.” It seems like Ava is not content with knowing the man is leaving the religious life behind because she wants to know what it means for them.

The relationship between Patient 6 and Ava is far from over, and there seems to be more to it than coincidence. General Hospital spoilers hint Ava could be a formidable ally for the man. Patient 6 might have been disheartened with how everyone else moved on, but when he figures out someone stole his identity, he would definitely fight for his rightful place. Ava is not exactly exonerated from what she did to Morgan, although Patient 6 could be a more objective judge. So, it’s more likely for these two to be allies with a deep connection rather than lovers, for now. General Hospital spoilers hint a developing relationship between Ava and Patient 6, but only time will tell how things will progress.

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