‘General Hospital’ Rumors: Could Familiar Faces Make Their Way Back To Port Charles?

General Hospital has seen many characters come and go in the 50-plus years it has been on the air. Most recently, a few exits have caused a lot of uproar. General Hospital fans were devastated when Rebecca Budig exited this past summer. She wasn’t killed off, but her being let go caused fans to voice their disgust on social media. Soap fans aren’t going to keep their mouths closed about their favorites. As some hope for recasts, there are still quite a few characters that could still return to Port Charles.

There have been rumors about Anthony Geary returning to General Hospital since a few months after he left. It was no secret that he wasn’t fond of Ron Carlivati, and when news broke of his exit from General Hospital, Luke Spencer rumors surfaced. He did briefly return to do one scene earlier this year as Jane Eliot retired the character of Tracy Quartermaine. It was an end of an era and fans were sad that Geary was on the screen for a matter of seconds after weeks of hype.

According to Soap Hub, there are several characters that are missed the most by General Hospital fans. Some of them mentioned were both Luke Spencer and Tracy Quartermaine. Aside from them, Morgan Corinthos was talked about as well. Rumors circulated about a possible recast for him as well. Bryan Craig has moved on from General Hospital now, but another person could take the role to appease fans. Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be any plans to raise Morgan from the dead. Other names mentioned included Alan Quartermaine and Nikolas Cassadine.

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With bringing back Steve Burton, General Hospital fans now believe anything is possible within reason. It has been five years since Burton’s Jason Morgan was in Port Charles. Fans are seeing double now, and no one is sure what to believe. This storyline proves that if the fans want a character to return, rewriting history is entirely possible. General Hospital writers can make magic with their words, and several of these missed characters could return, even if they were recasts. Soap fans are loyal, and until they get what they want, they are also relentless.

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