Actor, Comedian, And 'Five Minutes To Kill' Author Fred Stoller On Leaving New York And Dining In Los Angeles

Fred Stoller began his career as a stand-up comic, notably appearing on the HBO's Young Comedians Special in 1989 alongside David Spade and Rob Schneider. In the years since then, he appeared on dozens of major television shows (e.g. Friends, Everybody Loves Raymond, Anger Management, Wizards of Waverly Place) and worked as a television writer (e.g. Seinfeld). In Dumb and Dumber, he was listed as "anxious man at phone" in the film's credits, appearing in a very memorable scene.

In recent years, Stoller has taken career matters into his own hands. He wrote a memoir -- 2013's Maybe We'll Have You Back: The Life of a Perennial TV Guest Star -- in addition to two Amazon Kindle singles; the latest ebook is Five Minutes to Kill is a well-researched look into his aforementioned HBO appearance. Stoller also wrote and starred in 2011's Fred & Vinnie, an autobiographical movie which was nominated for a Canadian Comedy Award. He also co-hosted The Mild Adventures of Fred Stoller podcast, which may get a reboot in the near-future.

Stoller, who many call "the mayor of The Grove," spoke to the Inquisitr about dining in Los Angeles. The Brooklyn, New York, native can be visited online at


You are a native New Yorker, what inspired your move out west to California?

Fred Stoller: I had an opportunity to audition for pilots with a new agency. I came out thinking it was a month trip, but then I realized I had no opportunity to audition like that in New York City, so I spontaneously decided to move west. I had a friend give away, or shop most of my stuff. I wasn't a diehard stand-up, and that seemed to be the only opportunities in New York.

You are often called the "Mayor Of The Grove." When did you first start visiting The Grove?

Fred Stoller: As soon as it opened in 2002. It's right by me and a place I can dip in and out with interactions. People call me that because anytime they're there they say they see me.

How has The Grove area changed over time?

Fred Stoller: Much more crowded, rents gone so high. It used to be a section where elderly Jews lived, but they died off, and the stores on Fairfax used to be little mom-and-pop stores with the Jewish flavor. Now they're trendy coffee places and skateboard stores and attire.

Do you have a favorite restaurant within the nearby Farmer's Market?

Fred Stoller: I'd say that Brazilian place. I wish I could be a vegetarian, but they have different meats that are so good.

Have you tried all of the restaurants in the Farmer's Market? Almost all of them?

Fred Stoller: Almost all of them, probably.

Outside of The Grove, do you have a favorite restaurant in Los Angeles?

Fred Stoller: Maybe Della Terra, an Itaiian restaurant by me that has a Monday night $10 pasta special. Then there's Swinger's on Beverly Boulevard. Great turkey and breakfasts.

What about in New York? Do you often come back east?

Fred Stoller: Not too often. Most of my trips I visit my mother in Florida. Traveling is difficult. It's stressful booking a trip, all that stuff. Plus like I said, if I don't do stand-up, not always a lot of reason to go there.

Career-wise, what's coming up for you? Is there another ebook in the works for you?

Fred Stoller: Yes, I've been working on a new ebook.

Is there a career goal you're still working towards?

Fred Stoller: I'd like to have a whole book out soon.

When not busy with work, how do you like to spend your free time?

Fred Stoller: Napping, walking around, looking at cats, live or on the net. I need better hobbies!

Finally, Fred, any last words for the kids?

Fred Stoller: Don't do what I have done and beat yourself up so much.


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