iPhone 5S Or 6 Rumors Claim Projected Keyboards And Integrated Mac OS X

The rumor mill for the iPhone 5S claims that Apple’s next smartphone may be revolutionary. It’s not yet clear whether this device will be called the 5S or, if it has all the features claimed by rumors, the iPhone 6.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, unified operating systems are expected to be the wave of the future, with a single smart device capable of being a smartwatch, smartphone, tablet, and computer all at once. The iPhone and iPad use pretty much the same iOS. Apple’s difficulty lies in merging the Mac OS X with the iOS. But the Mac OS X has almost as many apps as Windows 8, which gives them an edge over Google once the operating systems are unified. CNET has an article describing the predicted actions of Apple.

According to Ubergizmo, the new iPhone 5S concept will incorporate four pico projectors to turn your iPhone into an all-in-one portable Mac with a virtual keyboard:

“Frank_Snk has imagined an iPhone 5S concept in which the phone will incorporate four pico projectors – two of which will be used to project a full-sized keyboard on a flat surface, and the other two to project a display in which a full unadulterated version of OS X will be running. The top and bottom portion of the iPhone 5S can be pulled out to activate the projectors, with an app running the whole show. We have to wonder what sized battery it has to use if it hopes to perform all of that, but then again that’s pretty much the beauty of concept phones – it doesn’t always have to make sense.”

Combine this feature set with the rumored Apple iWatch and in the future you may be spending more time touching other devices rather than the iPhone’s screen. According to The Times of India, the next-generation iPhone 5S, or 6, may have a smaller battery and be featured in six to eight color choices. Apple is also reportedly in talks with Japanese manufacturer Sharp for its Igzo display panels:

“Igzo displays are thinner and lighter than amorphous silicon (a-Si) panels that are currently used in Apple iPhone, iPad and iPad mini. This will reduce the weight of the devices, especially the fourth-generation iPad, which is heavier than iPad 2 and weighs over 650 gram. With the integration of this type of screen, the upcoming Apple gadgets will be lighter, more power-efficient and require smaller batteries without compromising on run-time.”

According to Business Insider, Apple will release the iPhone 5S in June. It’s possible the more advanced features like the iOS and Mac OS X integration and pico projectors will be reserved for an iPhone 6 to be released some time in late 2013 or perhaps even 2014.

What features would you to like see in the Apple iPhone 6?