Lindsey Stirling’s Anorexia Battle: Star Says She Struggles To Keep Weight On During ‘Dancing With The Stars’

Lindsey Stirling is having an unusual problem on Dancing With the Stars. While she admits the ABC celebrity ballroom competition has helped her stay “healthy,” Stirling says she has to watch that she doesn’t lose too much weight while competing on the show. In a post-DWTS interview earlier this week with reporters, Lindsey said she is eating much more food than usual, and she is still losing weight due to the intense rehearsal schedule she is undergoing with pro partner Mark Ballas.

“I’m not used to eating this much, but I lost 8 pounds in the first two or three weeks so now I’m on a new regimen” Lindsey said, according to People.

“I’m eating snacks all the time, still trying to be really healthy but just trying to get calories, eating full peanut butter scoops.”

Many Dancing With the Stars contestants consider the weight loss they ultimately experience as a major perk of going on the show. A few contestants have even said the potential for weight loss is the main reason they signed on to the ABC dancing show. That’s not exactly the case for Lindsey.

Lindsey Stirling has been vocal about her past battle with anorexia, so it’s not a total surprise that she’s keeping a close eye on her weight loss. Still, Stirling admits she is currently in the best shape of her life thanks to Dancing With the Stars.

“I’m the best shape I’ve ever been in,” Stirling told reporters. “I have great abs right now — I have a six-pack!”

Lindsey Stirling on Dancing with the Stars Season 25
[Image by Heidi Gutman/ABC]

Earlier this year, Lindsey Stirling talked to Entertainment Tonight about her terrifying experiences with depression and anorexia, saying she felt like she was in a “cocoon” for months during her lowest point with the disease. The violinist and YouTube sensation said she felt like she had to go through her own transformation after being stuck in a lengthy “caterpillar phase,” but she gradually came out of it.

“It was like a full-time job to get over anorexia, for two years,” Stirling revealed to ET. “And I came out the other side and honestly feel like everybody can be and feel beautiful.”

Lindsey Stirling seemingly paid tribute to her transformation on Dancing With the Stars earlier this season when she danced a “caterpillar” quickstep with partner Mark Ballas during Week 2 of the competition. Stirling is currently being deemed a frontrunner on the show, routinely landing near the top of the judges’ leaderboard,

Take a look at the video below to see Lindsey Stirling dancing with Mark Ballas on Dancing With the Stars.

[Featured Image by Eric McCandless/ABC]