‘How To Get Away With Murder’ Jack Falahee Speaks Out On His Gay Character And His Gay Dads

How to Get Away With Murder has undergone some major changes this season. That hasn’t deterred them from including an interesting twist for Jack Falahee’s character, however. Viewers of the show are familiar with his relationship with Oliver (Conrad Ricamora) but they are about to get to know his two dads.

Recently Jack Falahee spoke with E! News about the storyline coming his way. When they approached him about his gay character having two dads that are also gay, the actor was all for it. This family dynamic is one that is rarely seen on TV. How Connor interacts with his fathers, as a gay man himself, and how it was for him coming out, will tell a story that viewers will not have seen on other shows. How to Get Away With Murder is stepping into unchartered territory with this new twist and Jack is excited to be a part of it.

The relationship between Oliver and Connor is sure to be in a bit of upheaval as Connor deals with his fathers. Having recently dropped out of law school, Connor is somewhat lost. When his fathers show up to find out what is going on with their son, viewers of How to Get Away With Murder are sure to see some tension. Jack shared that though the relationship of Oliver and Connor is in a good place, the surprise visit of his fathers will cause some problems between the two.


This season of How to Get Away With Murder is very different from past seasons. The college interns have spent so much time under the influence of Annalise (Viola Davis) that they seem to be spreading their wings this season. As some are rising to the challenge of reinventing themselves, others are stuck in the past. Now fans will have a chance to get to know a bit more of the backstory behind the characters as they begin to pave new paths for themselves.

Are you looking forward to seeing how Connor’s relationship is with his fathers? Do you believe Connor and Oliver will survive the tension of a surprise visit from upset parents? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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