Nicholas Brendon Arrested For Violence Against Girlfriend, Actor Has History Of Abuse And Violence

Nicholas Brendon has been dubbed a troubled actor for a long time now. His stardom on Buffy the Vampire Slayer allowed him to taste the finer things in life. Once the show was canceled, it wasn’t as easy to find work for Brendon. He eventually landed on Criminal Minds in a recurring role which lasted several seasons. Since then, it has been a rough ride for the actor who has been arrested several times and has been in and out of rehabilitation centers.

It hasn’t been easy for Nicholas Brendon in the love department either. He has been married and divorced, and also dated several women throughout his career. Along with that, issues with alleged domestic abuse and stalking have plagued his dating life. According to E! Online, Nicholas Brendon was arrested earlier this month on domestic violence charges and for violating an order of protection. This is not the first time something has happened like this with Brendon. The incident took place at a hotel in California, and the victim remains unnamed at this point.

Unfortunately, Nicholas Brendon has been arrested at least four times before this for similar incidents. The year 2015 was hard for the Buffy the Vampire Slayer actor who was arrested on four separate occasions and entered a rehab facility twice. He was accused of choking his ex-girlfriend, who reportedly was at his to return some of his things. At that point, Brendon was living in a hotel in New York. It is unclear if the same lady has been involved in all of the incidents over the last two years.

Substance abuse has been a problem for Nicholas Brendon for several years. The chain of arrests started back in 2010, but they escalated in 2015 to four total within in the same year. Alcohol has been a huge problem for the actor, one that he has tried to get a hold of for a long time. Brendon appeared on the Dr. Phil Show to attempt to get help, and after taking off the first time, he returned and completed the 90-day program the show helped him with.

A court date for the latest arrest has been set for the end of November. At this point, it is unclear what will happen to Nicholas Brendon. With his pattern of arrests and the violent nature of how he reportedly has handled his girlfriends, jail time is a very real possibility.

[Featured Image by Palm Springs Police Department/Getty Images]