Netflix Releases New ‘Punisher’ Trailer And Finally Gives Fans A Premiere Date

It’s a great day for Marvel fans, as Netflix has released a second trailer for The Punisher. Not only did a second trailer drop, but the streaming platform finally revealed the release date for the highly anticipated Jon Bernthal show.

After the tragic events in Las Vegas occurred, Marvel and Netflix decided to pull the Punisher panel at the New York Comic Con two weeks ago. CinemaBlend broke the news to fans that they would not find out the shows release date. Due to the heavy gun violence in the show and first trailer, Marvel and Netflix felt it was best to remove The Punisher from the event. The release date was likely to be revealed during the panel, but the studio’s decision to hold off was more than understandable.

Today, the release date has finally been revealed, and it might be throwing a little shade at a certain DC film. Fans can begin binge-watching The Punisher when it’s release on Friday, November 17.

That date might seem familiar to DC fans who are already gearing up for Justice League’s premiere that same weekend. Whether this move was intentional is unknown. Superhero fans are some of the most loyal in the movie industry, so neither Marvel nor Netflix should worry about losing views or revenue.

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Netflix could put a damper in Warner Bros. numbers for opening weekend, though, if fans opt to stay in and binge-watch The Punisher and see Justice League the following week.

The release date was revealed at the end of the second Punisher trailer that was released this morning. This trailer is also set to Metallica’s “One,” and includes slightly less gun violence than the first trailer.

The first Punisher season will include 13 episodes, five more than Marvel’s most recent Netflix series, The Defenders. Thirteen is the going rate for Marvel-Netflix standalones, but it likely won’t be enough to satisfy all the Frank Castle (Jon Bernthal) fans.

Fans first fell for the Punisher when his character debuted in Season 2 of Daredevil. The anti-hero instantly became a fan-favorite, leaving Marvel and Netflix no choice but to give Frank a series of his own.

You can watch the second trailer for The Punisher below.

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