‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Miller’s Jason Knows He’s The Impostor, Here’s Why He’s Keeping The Secret

General Hospital spoilers tease that there might be someone in Port Charles that knows who is the real Jason Morgan and who’s the impostor. In fact, it might be Billy Miller’s character, the former Jake Doe. The latest GH video promo had many fans furious because it asked, “which one is the impostor?” Given what we’ve seen on the ABC soap, both men genuinely seem to believe they are Jason Morgan, but that’s impossible. Was this promo dropping a major hint that Miller’s character knows he’s a fake?

Jason-1 and Jason-2 both have memories, which are legit?

Recent GH episodes made clear that Jason-1 (Steve Burton) has all his memories intact from his life before he was shot. Jason-1 knows he lost five years, knows Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) and Sam Morgan’s (Kelly Monaco) phone numbers, where they live, and all about Morgan Corinthos (Bryan Craig) being his namesake. These are all things that were explained to Jason-2 (Billy Miller) after Carly Corinthos (Laura Wright) confirmed his DNA matched her BFF that “died.”

Jason-2 has a few memories of life with Sam, but not a lifetime of memories. That’s the big red flag that he’s not the “real” Jason Morgan and could be Drew Quartermaine, the twin. But what if Jason-2 knows he’s an impostor, but he only realized it recently? Consider this. Jason-2 had a microchip embedded in his brain, and we know Helena Cassadine (Constance Towers) and Cesar Faison (Anders Hove) experimented on him. Part of their experiments might have implanted a few key memories in his brain.

Did Jason-2 take over Jason-1’s life because he thinks he’s dead?

We know from General Hospital history that Jason-2 didn’t know who he was, and when Carly told him he was Jason Morgan, he was slow to embrace it. But given the DNA evidence, he had no choice but to accept that he was Jason Morgan. However, it might be that over time, Jason-2 has recovered memories and now knows he’s not Jason, but he decided to keep pretending. But why would he do that? First, Jason-2 fell in love with Sam. It’s real love, and he doesn’t want to give it up.

Second, Jason-2 adores the kids and doesn’t want to give them up either. Third, Jason-2 believes that Jason-1 is dead, so he doesn’t see any harm in keeping the lie going and keeping the life he wants since he doesn’t think Jason-1 is alive to take it back. Assuming Jason-1 is dead, why shouldn’t Jason-2 stay put? Why break hearts by admitting he knows he’s not the “real” Jason Morgan? This charade could have lasted the rest of his life if it wasn’t for Ava Jerome (Maura West) discovering Patient 6.

Was GH hinting with this promo that Jake Doe knows the truth?

General Hospital is trying to keep both factions of fans happy; the Miller fans and the Burton fans. But neither will be happy if their guy isn’t the “real” Jason Morgan. But the fact is, as the GH promo said, “there can only be one Jason Morgan.” That is true, and that means one group of fans will be upset and disappointed. Debate and arguments break out every day on soap social media with fans arguing that Burton must be the “real” Jason while others threaten to stop watching if Miller’s not Jason.

It seems that GH has created a no-win situation for themselves. All the evidence is stacking up to prove that Burton is the “real” Jason. Plus, the big reveal on Wednesday’s General Hospital that Drew Q fell down the basement stairs and almost died is critical. Remember that both men have scars on their brain and head injuries. Jason-1 got the scars from the car crash, and Jason-2 (aka Drew Q) got them from a tumble down the stairs. The ABC soap is creating alternate history to explain the similarities.

Jason-2 may be an imposter, but his motives were good

Consider this. Even if Jason-2 (Miller) is an imposter, he could be faking with the best intentions. Jake Doe never claimed to be Jason Morgan and was totally in the dark about his true identity. Even when Carly told him he was Jason Morgan, he didn’t believe it. Carly had to talk him into accepting that he was Jason Morgan. From there, Jason-2 was haunted with memories of Helena and frustrated that he couldn’t remember who he really was. What if somewhere along the way he realized the truth?

GH spoilers hint that Even if Jason-2 knows he’s not the real Jason, he might have no idea that he’s Drew Quartermaine. Plus, if he told everyone that he’s not Jason, imagine the fallout. Monica Quartermaine (Leslie Charleson), Sam, Elizbeth, Jake Webber (Hudson West), Danny Morgan (TK Weaver), Sonny and Carly would all be devastated. For them, it would be like Jason died all over again if they found out Jason-2 wasn’t the real deal. Jason-2 might have known for a while that he was a fake but didn’t want to break their hearts.

Twin twist showdown coming soon

But since General Hospital spoilers from GH Spy reveal that Jason-1 realizes his life has been stolen, that means a confrontation must occur. And GH spoilers from Soap Central promise that “things get muddy between right and wrong” and that’s all about Jason-2 keeping Jason-1’s life because he didn’t want to hurt people that love both him and the “real” Jason. If Jason-1 stayed dead, no one would have ever known Jason-2 was an impostor. Plus, Jason-2 never meant to steal anyone’s life. It was given to him.

Carly and others made him accept the “fact” that he was Jason Morgan as Miller’s character never went looking for that life and never meant to hijack someone else’s identity. But now it’s too late, and when Jason-1 reveals that he’s alive and everyone sees Burton’s face, lives will explode. The important thing to remember is, if the twin twist plays out this way, Jason-2 still doesn’t know who he is and was always trying to do the right thing. Check back often for more General Hospital spoilers.

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