Huge Update On The Universal Championship Main Event For WWE ‘Royal Rumble’

There has been some new information released on the expected main event match at the WWE Royal Rumble. According to the Wrestling Observer, the speculated main event for Survivor Series will now be pushed out to January, as Brock Lesnar is rumored to defend his WWE Universal Championship against Finn Balor. For the past few months, Balor has been distracted from his quest to regain the Universal Championship due to feuding with Bray Wyatt and, for a short time, Elias. As a result of these competitors, particularly the former, Balor has spent most of his time away from the title picture this year.

At the upcoming TLC pay-per-view, WWE is promoting a match of “The Demon vs. Sister Abigail.” Seemingly, this is as far as the company can stretch this rivalry, as it has been going on for quite some time. When Bray Wyatt was sent to Raw for the Superstar Shakeup in April, he immediately eyed Balor. For the better part of six months, the two have been competing against each other in a series of matches. Most likely, Balor will end the feud by defeating Sister Abigail, gaining enough momentum over the next three months to be a worthy competitor for Lesnar.

For “The Beast,” he is not scheduled to defend the title for the remainder of the year. He is, however, scheduled to compete in a Champion vs. Champion match at the Survivor Series pay-per-view on November 19 against WWE Champion Jinder Mahal.

Mahal called out Lesnar on SmackDown Live, and he is scheduled to answer the challenge at the upcoming Raw. Lesnar’s long period of not defending the Universal Championship is not uncommon, as he went through a three-month span of not defending it between his win against Goldberg at WrestleMania 33, and his first defense against Samoa Joe at Great Balls of Fire.

Ultimately, Balor is most likely going to be another placeholder for Lesnar’s match at WrestleMania 34 against Roman Reigns.

Lesnar is not expected to lose a match until then, but at least Balor will have a marquee match at one of the biggest pay-per-views of the year.

[Featured Image by WWE]