James Woods Goes On A Twitter Rant Targeting Frederica Wilson And The Democratic Party

With almost a million Twitter followers, Hollywood actor James Woods is perhaps one of the most prominent openly conservative celebrities. His social media following is huge and his tweets often echo the thoughts, views, and attitudes of the right-wing part of his loyal fan base. The actor doesn’t shy away from openly expressing his views, which sometimes prompts him to go on full-blown Twitter rants. His most recent targets? Hillary Clinton, Barrack Obama, Frederica Wilson, the Democratic Party, and the mainstream media. Woods’ Twitter feed is currently exploding, with his fans cheering him on and retweeting his thoughts.

Mr. Woods, who stated that he was once a supporter of the Democratic Party, is famous for playing villainous roles and has appeared in numerous Hollywood classics, including Once Upon a Time in America, Casino, Chaplin, and The Onion Field. Woods has also been nominated for two Academy Awards. And while he hasn’t had a major motion picture role ever since the Andy Cheng-directed movie End Game, which was a critical failure, he has maintained an active Twitter presence. The actor is known for publicly endorsing Ted Cruz, but he has since expressed his love and support for the current President of the United States, Donald John Trump.

James Woods On Frederica Wilson, Obama, Clinton, And The Democratic Party

“The clown in the red cowboy hat” is how James Woods refers to Congresswoman Frederica Wilson. In another tweet, he referred to her as “God’s gift to the Republicans.” The actor also couldn’t resist calling out Barrack Obama and Hillary Clinton, criticizing the two for the alleged Uranium deal with Russia.

“Uranium One coverup is not going away.”

The 70-year old actor ranted about the American media next, suggesting they’re covering up the story and then concluding that it “is not going away.” Apart from Obama, Hillary Clinton, and the DNC, CNN and the New York Times have both been subject of the actor’s Twitter criticism. And while Woods’ fans keep retweeting his short blurbs and praising the actor in comments, some Twitter users are criticizing him for mocking Frederica Wilson’s appearance.

After a series of about a dozen tweets, through which he launched an all-out verbal attack on almost the entire American political and media establishment, the Twitter storm James Woods had created is slowly fading away. Until he decides to tweet again.

[Image by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images]