Jinger Duggar May Wear Pants On Wedding Anniversary? Husband Jeremy Has New Rules For Instagram & New Home

Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo got married on November 5, 2016, in front of a thousand people. For the past eleven months, they traveled the world and the country together while making their new home in Laredo, Texas. With her husband, Jinger Duggar broke free from the rules that her family imposed on her growing up, like not being allowed to watch movies, wear pants, or show parts of her body like tops of shoulders and thighs. As they are gearing for their first wedding anniversary, Counting On fans are wondering how this progressive Duggar couple will celebrate their big day.

The 23-year-old Duggar’s wedding was quite different from all the others that happened in the family. Unlike her younger sister, Joy-Anna Duggar, who could not care less what she wore down the aisle, Jinger’s dress featured “a hand-beaded lace gown with a 13-ft. Train” and some special instructions to her bridesmaids.

“I told the girls I need the bridesmaids to enter behind me because I thought I would collapse when I saw him,” she said to People Magazine.

Her wedding, which happened in the middle of autumn, had decor that departed from many of the summer weddings that her other sisters enjoyed.

“The idea was to bring the outdoors in,” the event planner Christina Moore confided. “Jinger really loves the fall landscape and colors.”

In particular, Jinger and Jeremy’s “naked cake” took home the prize with its vanilla-flavored and berry-decorated extravagance.

Since then, Jinger Duggar found her own voice living with her husband. She started wearing pants, which at first shocked the followers of the Duggar family. Her mother, Michelle Duggar, brings her children up in a strict modest dress code.

“My daughters are the second generation of modest dressing in this family,” she said on a TLC blog. “They’ve grown up being dressed modestly, and in clothes that are definitely more feminine apparel.”

“As a parent, I would have to remind them, let’s not stand upside down on your head in that chair because you want to practice being ladylike,” she continued. “And they look at me with this puzzled look like, what does that mean? I’ll explain, well, it means that you sit up, put your knees together and pull your skirt down over your knees.”

But since her wedding, under the guidance of Jeremy, Jinger started experimenting with her looks, including sporty wear, jeans, tights, shorts, and many other variances to her everyday outfits. Because her husband is a former soccer player, he even picked out some choice vintage Jordans for his wife.

Needless to say, Jeremy Vuolo’s rules for Instagram and their new home varies vastly from the one that Jinger grew up under. He does not seem to mind when she dresses in a more provocative way, with heels, sleeveless shirts, and curve-hugging pants.

While their first wedding anniversary is coming up, there has been no signs of baby news or pregnancy from the 23-year-old Duggar. While most couples in the US take a few years to conceive their first baby, all the married Duggar girls got pregnant before they celebrated twelve months of being together. Joy-Anna Duggar set a new record when she announced that she was expecting her first child just three months after her wedding date.

Right now, Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo seem to be happy settling into their lives in Texas and spending time together without having to worry about baby planning.

[Featured Image by Jeremy Vuolo/Instagram]