Kailyn Lowry Baby Daddy Wars: Javi Marroquin Protecting Kail And Sons From Chris Lopez Amid Abuse Claims

Kailyn Lowry's baby daddy and ex-husband Javi Marroquin has said he has every intention of protecting his ex from Chris Lopez, who has reportedly been abusive towards the Teen Mom 2 star.

In an interview with Radar, Javi, 24, said that he and Kailyn have been talking. He also said that she is safe and he intends to keep it that way.

"Kail and I talk everyday and right now I know she's safe," he said. "I got her back."

According to The Ashley's Reality Roundup, Kailyn Lowry's most recent baby daddy Chris Lopez has been violent towards the 25-year-old mother-of-three. Before long, another insider confirmed the abuse allegations, saying that Lopez has committed abuse against Kailyn "on more than one occasion." Kailyn and Chris Lopez welcomed Lux in August.

The Ashley reports that Chris once tried to break into Kailyn's home in order to see Lux, leaving her door frame and window severely damaged. An insider for the outlet said that was only one occasion among many. One time, Chris Lopez allegedly became violent with Kailyn Lowry while she was holding their baby.

Mr. Lopez chose to remain silent about the allegations against him concerning Kailyn. However, he took to Instagram last week to post a suggestive photo of himself burning a copy of Kailyn's book, along with the caption, "I guess this is a new chapter."

Despite the abuse claims, Kailyn Lowry told The Ashley that she doesn't intend to keep Lux from Chris, saying that they only need more time to figure out what will work for them.

The abuse claims aren't the only reason why Lowry has temporarily banned Chris Lopez from seeing their son Lux.

"Chris is literally the most unmotivated person she's ever met in her life," an insider said. "He has no plans and works maybe three times a week if that. He has never bought anything for the baby except maybe a box of diapers one time."

Another reason why Kailyn Lowry is keeping Lux away from Chris is because she found out that he refused to sign an acknowledgement of paternity for the baby, a source told The Ashley.

Javi Marroquin told Radar Online that he is far from surprised about Chris Lopez's behavior towards Kailyn Lowry.

"I know how it's going to play out," he said. "It goes back to when she wanted me to meet him. He's not going to do anything for my son. It doesn't surprise me at all."

Marroquin said that Kailyn Lowry and her kids' safety is always his first priority even before abuse claims against Chris Lopez emerged.

"Make sure she's safe, make sure the kids are safe, all three of them. Make sure they're all safe. I do trust Kail in the sense where if they ever are not safe she will come to me and ask for help and get out of that situation. As far as being a mom, she always has those kids first. Her safety is second."
Kailyn Lowry announced her divorce from Javi Marroquin in April 2016. There has been recent speculation that the two are on the verge of rekindling their romance after the two were photographed kissing at the Marriage Boot Camp premiere event. The two, however, denied that they're getting back together.
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