Siggy Flicker Admits She Overreacted About The Cake Toss On ‘RHONJ’

There have been many controversies and fights blown out of proportion in the Real Housewives franchise; stripper-gate, panty-gate, cancer-gate, and now cake-gate. Siggy Flicker of The Real Housewives of New Jersey has been more than upset this season regarding a birthday cake that was tossed in a restaurant. Now, the author is claiming she overreacted to the whole situation.

In the first episode of Season 8, the RHONJ ladies took a trip to Boca Raton, Florida. The girls’ trip was centered around Melissa Gorga’s birthday, and to help Teresa Giudice get away in the wake of losing her mother.

During a dinner on the night of Melissa’s birthday, Siggy presented the Envy owner with an over-the-top birthday cake. The three-tiered cake was an homage to Melissa’s boutique and was quite beautiful, which People reported cost $1,000.

Within what seemed like minutes, the cake was being dug into by Melissa and Teresa after the two poked fun at each other over drama that happened at Melissa’s bachelorette party. Teresa ended up throwing the cake and stand at Melissa who was running away laughing after already throwing chunks at each other.

Siggy was instantly aggravated and began yelling at her friends as she went to collect the cake off the ground. Cake-gate caused a huge rift in the Boca trip and split the ladies into two teams. In the weeks since the episode aired, Siggy has shared lengthy Instagram posts and tweets backing up her actions of calling Teresa and Melissa “animals” and “trashy.”

Siggy appeared on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen Wednesday night to discuss the season of RHONJ so far. On the after show, Andy asked Siggy if she felt she overreacted about the cake being thrown. She responded with a swift “Yes” to Andy’s surprise.

She admitted to being a very dramatic person who gets overly excited about many situations. Siggy also explained she wasn’t so mad about the cake throw, but over the fact that her friends didn’t apologize for the act in general. She felt the cakemaker and the restaurant were disrespected and just wanted a simple apology.

Siggy also said her behavior was due to the fact that she was “babala” (Siggy for “drunk”) and regrets calling her friends “trashy” and “animals.” Teresa and Siggy reconciled on Wednesday night’s episode, but Melissa has yet to hash it out with her friend.

It appears as cake-gate will continue into Episode 4 as the preview shows Siggy polling a group of friends on whether Melissa and Teresa were disrespectful over throwing the cake.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey airs Wednesday nights at 9:00 p.m. EST on Bravo.

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[Featured Image by Cindy Ord/Getty Images]