Author Dennis Lehane’s Missing Dog Reward: He’ll Put You In His Next Book

Award winning author Dennis Lehane is offering a heartfelt reward to the person who succeeds in finding his missing dog. He is offering the lucky rescuer the distinction of being included in the pages of his next novel.

According to an article by NPR, the mystery novelist took to his Facebook page on Tuesday with an earnest plea to followers for help in locating his family’s beloved dog Tessa. Lehane reached out to fans with the following message:

“Our recent and beloved rescue dog, Tessa, jumped the fence in Brookline [Massachusetts] and has been roaming through the wilds of Coolidge Corner for the last 24 hours. It’s possible she’s staying in some good Samaritan’s home right now or has tucked herself away on a porch. But if anyone sees her or knows of her whereabouts, please reach out to this page. She’s smart, fast, and immeasurably sweet. She doesn’t have a mean bone in her body. She’s micro-chipped, but her tags were off when she was let out into the yard.”

Tessa, described as a black-and-white Beagle, can be identified by her implanted micro-chip. When scanned by a veterinarian the device will display the pet owner’s name and contact information.

BostInno writes that the author offered an unusual incentive to his Facebook fans, which number over 30,000. Lehane will name a character in his next novel after the person who returns Tessa home safe and sound. This is quite an honor considering the popularity of the author’s books.

Lehane, a Dorchester native, is well known and respected for his successful writing career. Among his most popular offerings are the novels Mystic River, Gone, Baby, Gone, and Shutter Island. Each book was subsequently made into a major motion picture.

An update was made on Lehane’s Facebook page earlier today by the author’s assistant. He writes that the search continues and offered information regarding sightings:

“If anyone happens to see her, please do not chase or yell out to her as it may frighten her and she will run farther. Rescue teams have told us to crouch low and call her name calmly. If that is not possible, please call the Brookline Animal Control (617) 730-2222 immediately and post back here.”

More information on author Dennis Lehane’s missing dog Tessa can be found on his official Facebook page.