Michigan Man Gives Cops Doughnuts During Arrest

Officers at a suburban Detroit police station were greeted with a sugary surprise this week when a man brought them a dozen doughnuts when he showed up to be arrested.

The dramatic surrender was that of Michael Zaydel, 21, who was wanted for probation violation and outstanding warrants when he showed up at the Redford Township Police Department Monday, October 16. He surrendered after police, earlier this month, posted his mugshot on Facebook as part of its “Wanted Wednesday” campaign. However, Zaydel didn’t turn himself in immediately.

Using a Facebook alias, Zaydel also taunted cops, telling them, “you suck,” The Detroit News reported. Police knew from whom the jeers were coming and threatened to block Zaydel if they didn’t stop. The suspect then issued a challenge, telling police if his mugshot received 1,000 shares, he would bring them doughnuts and surrender.

As of this Monday, the picture was shared more than 4,000 times. At 6:30 p.m., Zaydel, holding a bag of glazed doughnuts and a bagel, arrived at the police station as promised.

He said he brought the officers the sweets because “cops like doughnuts” and to “reward them for their inconvenience.”

Officers had fun with the outcome of the incident, posting a picture of Zaydel, bag of doughnuts in hand, being led into the booking area. The photos drew more than 200 comments, mostly centered on whether the doughnuts were safe to eat. Other Facebookers praised the police department for its investigative work while some held Zaydel in high regard for being a man of his word.

The humor of the situation was checked at the courthouse door, though. Apparently, not finding the case amusing and despite Zaydel’s peace offering to the law enforcement community, a 17th District Court judge, on Tuesday, October 17, sentenced him to spend 39 days in jail, where he was sitting as of this report.

The Redford Township Police thanked the community for taking part in Zaydel’s challenge, noting that the initial posting of his mugshot gained 1,000 shares in the first hour.

“He has drawn a lot of attention to himself, and that makes it hard to hide from reality,” the department posted on Facebook.

“The important thing to be seen here is the support of the community, and the desire to help. Our jobs would be next to impossible without that partnership… While this was fun, it was also educational. Thank you.”

According to reports, Redford Police Sgt. Duane Gregg ate the lone bagel. Whether the remaining doughnuts were enjoyed by other officers is not known.

While it is common for businesses to show their appreciation to public safety officials by way of gifts, police officers do not usually accept them from suspects. A special dispensation may have been made in Zaydel’s case. Gregg had “no comment.”

[Featured Image by virtustudio/Thinkstock]