Anthony Scaramucci’s Holocaust Poll On ‘The Scaramucci Post’ Causes Uproar [Update]

After launching his site, The Scaramucci Post, an attempt at his very own Huffington Post, Anthony Scaramucci published a “Holocaust Death Toll Poll” that many found distasteful, asking readers to guess how many Jews died in the Holocaust. Now, Scaramucci is pushing back, saying he had nothing to do with the poll.

Scaramucci put up his Holocaust poll on Tuesday on The Scaramucci Post (which is at this time a dead link). The question in Scaramucci’s Holocaust poll was a multiple choice question with the options ranging from “less than 1 million” to “more than 5 million.”

The poll was taken down after 5,000 people voted, but even more people expressed outrage on Twitter asking Scaramucci what he was thinking making the Holocaust into a guessing game. Scaramucci’s social media director Lance Laifer took the blame for the Holocaust poll.


The Scaramucci Holocaust poll singled out Jews even though many other groups were singled out in the Holocaust. For the record, six million Jews were murdered in the genocide which was the Holocaust, even though one of the choices in the Scaramucci poll was “under one million.”

The bulk of the respondents got it right with 69% saying that it was over five million Jews who were killed in the Holocaust, but the next largest category, with 20% said it was less than one million Jews who were killed by the Nazi regime.

“I apologize… The intent of the poll was to highlight ignorance of the basic facts of the Holocaust. I take full responsibility for it,” having posted it “without consulting @Scaramucci who is traveling in London.”

Anthony Scaramucci is currently in London where he says he is on a speaking tour with various stops around the United Kingdom, including Oxford and Cambridge Universities.

“I am on a speaking tour right now and have more speeches next week. Not sure if it has affected anything or not. We were trying to raise awareness… Still we made a mistake, we apologized, made a donation to the Simon Wiesenthal Center, and we are moving on.”


Scaramucci was ready to answer questions about the Holocaust poll at Cambridge University on his tour of England, and pass the buck to his social media director. Scaramucci defended his social media manager, insisting that the Holocaust poll was innocent and the posters on Twitter took it out of proportion. Scaramucci believes the Holocaust should be discussed without people freaking out. He also said he won’t be firing Lance Laifer because Laifer is his partner in his Scaramucci Post venture.

“But I do think we are losing some of the voice of the Holocaust and people don’t know of the tragedies, but the intent was there and the intent was honest and people were calling on me to fire him, that’s not real leadership.”


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Slate took a screenshot of the Scaramucci Holocaust poll and also of the apology tweet that said sorry if anyone was offended by the Scaramucci Holocaust poll. Lance Laifer made a point of saying that it was all him and that Anthony Scaramucci knew nothing about it because he is in London, and can’t have posted it.

Do you think Anthony Scaramucci’s Holocaust poll was offensive?

Editor’s note: a previous version of this story attributed to a story claiming that Mr. Scaramucci cursed at a student when answering a question during a speech at the Cambridge Union; that story has since been retracted and the outlet responsible has apologized.

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