‘LPBW’: Audrey Roloff Is Overcoming Postpartum Issues, Losing The Baby Weight, And Looking Healthier Than Ever

It is no secret that Audrey Roloff somewhat struggled during the first few weeks immediately following the birth of her first child, Ember Jean Roloff. Suffering from sleep deprivation, mastitis, and what fans believed was postpartum depression, the young mom admitted to her massive social media following that her circumstances after giving birth were not easy.

Fortunately, the past few weeks seem to have been a lot better for the Little People, Big World star. During the last couple of weeks, Audrey has pretty much resumed her usual online activities, updating her followers and fans about her and her family’s day-to-day activities, as noted in a Cafe Mom report. Her husband, Jeremy Roloff, has also been doing the same, showing his Instagram and Facebook followers that his wife’s condition has improved a lot since giving birth.

If there is anything that could be determined from the LPBW couple’s latest social media posts, it is the fact that Audrey seems to be back to her usual happy, determined, and driven self. One of Jeremy’s latest Facebook posts, for one, seems to show his wife simply enjoying the outdoors, just as much as she did back when she was still pregnant with Ember.

Jeremy’s recent post, which featured Audrey and Baby Ember enjoying some time in Roloff Farms, was received warmly by the reality TV star’s followers in social media. Since getting uploaded, Jeremy’s update has received more than 4,500 likes from the LPBW community, with many of the reality TV star’s fans noticing how much better Audrey seems to be doing.

“Happy to see Mama must be doing better,” one of Jeremy’s followers wrote.

“Glad Audrey is feeling better and out and about,” another follower wrote.

Another interesting thing that the LPBW community noticed from Jeremy’s recent Facebook post is the fact that Audrey seemed to have completely gotten rid of the baby weight she gained while she was still carrying Ember. Audrey Roloff never really gained much weight during her pregnancy, with the LPBW star still looking incredibly fashionable even after she went way past her due date. Nevertheless, it was still pretty nice to see that Audrey’s toned, athletic figure is back.

This has been noticed by Jeremy’s followers as well, with some LPBW fans pointing out in jest that the new mom seems to have shed her baby weight completely.

“Mama Roloff, no more baby weight?” one of Jeremy’s Facebook fans wrote.

“Doesn’t even look like you had a baby,” wrote a fan on Audrey’s Instagram page.

Audrey Roloff seems to have fully recovered from her long pregnancy and her challenging postpartum issues. After suffering through lack of sleep, mastitis, and dealing with the overall stress of taking care of a newborn baby, the Little People, Big World star finally seems to have regained her footing.

If any, Audrey’s most recent Instagram post suggests that she has completely recovered. Expressing her excitement at motherhood to her social media fans, Audrey invited her followers to visit Roloff Farms for the 2017 Pumpkin Season. She also posted her most recent picture to date, and needless to say, she looks very happy and healthy.

October is my favorite color;) It’s always been such a beautiful, exciting, nostalgic, time of the year for Jer and I - it’s when I said “I love you” for the first time, it meant I got to see Jer every weekend when we were long distance, and we have so many sweet memories working in the pumpkin patch together. It always amazes me how the farm comes alive during pumpkin season, and it’s so fun to meet people who come out from all over the world! I’ve been missing working in the pumpkin patch this year, but I can’t wait for Ember to experience all the joys of pumpkin season next year! For now, we are just popping in every now and then to say hi;) Who’s coming to pumpkin season this year @rolofffarms ?! #rolofffarms #journeyofjerandauj

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Do you think Audrey is really over all her postpartum problems, or is the Little People, Big World star just getting better at hiding her issues? Sound off in the comments section below!

[Featured Image by Jeremy Roloff/Facebook]