President Trump’s Tweets About Military And Puerto Rico Rank As Worst Tweets Ever

Donald Trump’s handling of Puerto Rico and military deaths rank among his worst under a popular metric for measuring responses to tweets. According to Time, the ranking system is “The Ratio,” which refers to the tweets that get more replies than likes. Since there is no way to “dislike” a tweet, a high number of comments without likes (or hearts) is a clear sign that many social media users disagreed with your tweet.

Trump has over 40 million followers, which makes him the most-followed world leader on any social media platform. Based on that, it should be hard for him to get a lousy ratio. One tweet about Morning Joe co-host Mika Brzezinski received more replies than likes which as outlined above is an indication of a poorly received tweet. Several tweets in September and October about Puerto Rico, military families, political races, and his troubled relationship with Rex Tillerson rank as his worst ratios of likes since he took office in January.

Trump’s tweet criticizing Mika Brzezinski had 88,645 replies and almost 78,825 likes. In the tweet, he made fun of the Morning Joe co-host for getting a facelift, something his followers had a big issue with.

Another poorly performing tweet was about Obamacare. The tweet had almost 93,000 comments and 92,000 likes. In the tweet, he said that those who voted against repealing Obamacare let America down.

Donald Trump's Twitter page on a cell phone

After Hurricane Maria destroyed Puerto Rico, Trump took to Twitter to blast the mayor of San Juan. He suggested that poor leadership was the reason Puerto Rico was having trouble getting water, food, and electricity. The tweet had 54,000 replies and 56,000 likes.

Trump’s tweet claiming the Alabama candidate he endorsed went up in polls after he backed them received 44,000 replies and 47,000 likes. Many social users felt he used this tweet to slam fake news again.

Another tweet of his regarding Puerto Rico, this time about military and responder presence on the ground, was not well received either, with 52,000 replies and 56,000 likes.

Just today, Trump claimed that a Democrat congresswoman fabricated what he said to a military widow. His tweet had 67,000 comments and 78,000 likes.

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