Oklahoma Parents Recommended For 130 Years In Prison After Maggots Found In Baby’s Wounds

Two Oklahoma parents have finally been convicted on what police officers and nurses are describing as the “worst case of child abuse” they had ever seen. Kevin Fowler, 25, and Aislyn Miller, 24, are awaiting sentence on child abuse charges of their twin daughters. The girls were 9-months-old at the time when the couple was arrested in December of last year.

Nurses called the local police to their urgent care facility last December when the two infants were brought in for treatment. The officers and nurses were disgusted at the negligence they witnessed, with both babies weighing about eight pounds each. The nurses admitted they looked like skeletons, they were so emaciated.

The twins suffered from bedsores and horrific diaper rash. One nurse admitted to seeing a maggot crawl out of one of the infant’s genitals. There were feces in one of the girl’s ears, and one had a hair so tightly wound around her finger it became infected.

The Tulsa World reports Fowler and Miller were convicted on Friday on five counts of child neglect. The jury recommended the parents serve 30 years for the first four counts and 10 years on the fifth count for a total of 130 years. The couple will face sentencing on November 13.

Kristi Simpson was the DHS investigator sent to survey the couple’s home after the arrest and found cat feces smeared on the walls and maggots in the twins’ playpen.

When speaking with police, Miller admitted she knew the twins were in poor health and blamed her negligence on being a new parent. She claimed they had no experience taking care of babies and didn’t know what to do. They also kept their twins from getting proper care because they didn’t have health insurance and couldn’t afford it.

Local Tulsa news station KJRH reports the maternal grandparents of the twins will also be tried next April. John and Cathey Miller are facing charges of enabling child abuse and neglect. Rita Fowler, the paternal grandmother, is also facing child neglect charges. All three grandparents have pleaded not guilty.

So far there is no update on the twins health, or where they are currently under supervision.

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[Featured Image by Owasso Police Department]