‘Myeshia Johnson. That Is Her Name, Mr. Trump. Not The Woman Or The Wife,’ Frederica Wilson Replies On Twitter

The war of words between Myeshia Johnson, Rep. Frederica Wilson, and President Donald Trump continues after Wilson said that Trump didn’t know the name of Myeshia’s husband. Now Trump is being accused by Wilson of not knowing Myeshia’s name either. Johnson was married to Sgt. La David Johnson, a 25-year-old soldier who died in Niger when he and other soldiers were ambushed in an ISIS attack. Myeshia can be seen in the above photo, as the pregnant widow sobbed on her husband’s coffin after his body arrived in Miami. According to CNN, President Trump caused pain when Wilson said she overheard Trump telling Myeshia via a speakerphone that La David “knew what he signed up for” when he joined the military. Trump denied that he said the words that Rep. Frederica Wilson alleged Trump said. Trump claimed on Twitter, as seen below, that Wilson “fabricated” those words.

Trump also claimed that he had “proof” that what he said to the wife of the soldier who died in action differed from what Wilson said. However, Trump has yet to produce that proof. Trump doubled down on his claims and told reporters that Wilson would be making a new statement. However, Wilson stood by her claims of what she alleges Trump said and made sure to note that Myeshia’s name is Myeshia Johnson, not “the wife” or “the woman,” as Trump called Myeshia.

The below video shows Myeshia sobbing over her husband’s casket. Reactions on Twitter to Trump calling Myeshia “the woman” and “the wife” are ones of outrage, which show many Twitter users agreeing that Trump’s words have appeared hurtful in such a situation. Wilson meanwhile urged Trump to learn Myeshia’s name, and instead of doubling down on rhetoric via the Twitter war of words, the president should offer words of comfort and kindness and compassion.

As reported in the below CBS News report, the controversy began when Trump was criticized for not speaking out about the deaths of the soldiers in Niger. Trump hit back at former President Barack Obama and other presidents by claiming that they did not call the grieving families of fallen soldiers as Trump claimed he did.

[Featured Image by WPLG/AP Images]