Does Ivana Trump’s Book ‘Raising Trump’ Advocate Winning At All Costs For Ivanka And Brothers?

Ivana Trump has been participating in a media blitz for what she describes as a parenting book or a memoir of raising the first three Trump children in Raising Trump. On various talk and news shows, she talks about herself and recalls how she is the “real first lady,” as she was married to Donald Trump first. But there are other moments in the book that focus on winning and losing, and the important Trump family value of being a winner at all costs.

The Atlantic has published an article that says that Raising Trump is less a parenting book and more an ode to being superior, or better than everybody else.

As part of Raising Trump, Ivana Trump threw shade on Donald Trump’s second wife, Marla Maples, choosing to refer to her as “the showgirl” rather than use her name. Ivana threw more subtle shade at Trump’s third wife, Melania, explaining that she, Ivana, was the first lady, rather than Melania. Ivana said that if she had the first lady’s job in the White House, she could whip the place into shape in two weeks. Ivana also said she still has a direct line to Donald Trump and that she is a secret advisor to Donald.

The idea of who is a winner and who is a loser weighs heavy in Raising Trump, according to the Atlantic, and Ivana Trump allegedly speaks with pride about raising winners rather than losers for Donald Trump rather than with Donald Trump. In one of the early stories in the book, Ivana Trump talks about the day that Donald Trump Jr. was born. She says she told Donald Trump that she wanted to name the baby after him, naming him Donald John Trump Jr., but Donald Trump was reluctant.

“What if he’s a loser?”

Ivana was clear at that point that the main “Trump Family Value” would be about always being a winner. The worst thing you can be in life is a loser, according to Ivana Trump.

“If you can’t be the best, why bother?”

Ivana Trump speaks in broad strokes about growing up poor in Czechoslovakia as communism was getting a stronghold in the region. Ivana explained that her family, the Zelnickova clan, were not communists, so they were outsiders, who learned to trust no one. In marrying Donald Trump, she had married someone with the same family motto.

“Being less than the best was simply not an option, because, in a very real way, one mistake could doom your life. We couldn’t be sure who to trust outside the family.”


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Ivana Trump added another story about winning and spoke about the Kennedys, who she explains are another American dynasty. Ivana says that both would vacation in Aspen, and the two competitive families would race down the slopes, clan against clan.

“It was Trump versus Kennedy. And Trump always won.”

Ivana explains that a big part of parenting was pushing Ivanka, Donald Jr., and Eric to always win and never quit. She explained that during one of their skiing excursions, the kids would be cold and tired and want to go inside, and she would always tell them no.

Another story of winning has a more disturbing tone. Ivana Trump shares a story about an Easter holiday where she and Donald Trump took the Trump children to Mar-a-Lago. There was the annual Easter egg hunt, which was very competitive for Ivana, Eric, Donald Jr. and their guests. Ivana Trump speaks with pride when she relays the memory of discovering that the children cheated by watching employees hide the Easter eggs on the security cameras to get the upper hand.

In seeking the right schools for her children, Ivana Trump says she had to avoid the schools that were for “little dummies of rich parents.”


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Ivana Trump makes sure her readers know in Raising Trump that she alone formed Ivana, Eric, and Donald Jr. into adulthood, and then handed each child off to Donald Trump.

“I believe the credit for raising such great kids belongs to me. When each one finished college, I said to my ex-husband, ‘Here is the finished product. Now it’s your turn.’”

Do you think Ivana Trump’s book Raising Trump’s philosophy about winning is a good way to raise children?

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