‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Couple Update: Raven Gates, Adam Gottschalk Still Going Strong, What’s The Latest?

Bachelor in Paradise stars Raven Gates and Adam Gottschalk fell for one another during Season 4, and fans are hoping that they can make their relationship go the distance. They did not get engaged during the reunion show like Taylor Nolan and Derek Peth did, but Raven and Adam seem to be doing well and going strong. What’s the latest from this popular BIP couple?

Technically, Raven Gates and Adam Gottschalk have to maintain a long-distance relationship for the moment. She owns a clothing boutique called Grey Suede in Jonesboro, Arkansas, while he works in real estate in Dallas, Texas. Despite the distance between their hometowns, these Bachelor in Paradise stars manage to spend a lot of time together. As Gates pointed out to a social media follower recently, they both have very flexible jobs, which gives them the ability to spend a lot of time with one another.

Raven and Adam have done quite a bit of traveling together since going public with their Bachelor in Paradise romance. They spent time in San Francisco, California recently, and their latest social media posts show that they hit up the Austin City Limits Music Festival with friends. As Gates suggested in one post, every day is a new adventure with these two.


What does the future hold for this popular Bachelor in Paradise couple? Gottschalk joked in a recent Instagram post that the couple had decided they were ready for another big step in their relationship. Unfortunately, this didn’t refer to a move or engagement. Adam joked that they had decided they were ready to get matching bomber jackets.

Will one of the two Bachelor in Paradise stars be moving soon? From the sound of a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, there are discussions taking place. Raven says that she is open to the idea of moving to Dallas and expanding her boutique by adding a new location. Gates adds that she is considering a relocation, and she and Gottschalk have talked about investing in some real estate together.


The Bachelor in Paradise lovebirds also said that they have talked about their future and the idea of an engagement, but for now, they are taking things day by day. As for doing more reality television, Adam indicated that his days in front of TV cameras are over, but Raven seemed open to the idea. Fans would certainly love to see them get married on television should the opportunity arise.

Do you think that Raven Gates and Adam Gottschalk have what it takes as a couple to go the distance and eventually get married? Bachelor in Paradise fans are hoping so, and they’ll be anxious to see what comes next for Raven and Adam.


[Featured Image by Raven Gates/Instagram]