‘Bold And The Beautiful’ Spoilers: Katie Risks Life For Revenge Baby To Get Back At Quinn?

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers hint Katie Logan (Heather Tom) may literally put her life on the line for love – and a little revenge. After Quinn Fuller (Rena Sofer) attacked Katie and yanked her out of bed with Wyatt Fuller (Darin Brooks), the gloves are off. Katie wants Quinn to pay for assaulting her and humiliating her. Wyatt is angry too, and the couple will enjoy a tighter bond because of Quinn’s attack. Katie makes some bold decisions in coming days about her future with Wyatt and how to get back at Quinn. Could Katie also be making baby plans as she gets serious with Wyatt?

Katie’s heart condition was recently backburnered

While it’s true Katie has a heart condition that makes pregnancy dangerous, B&B hasn’t brought up her medical issue in a long time. Remember when Katie was boozing non-stop? That also wasn’t good for her heart, but she didn’t suffer any complications. And yes, she did have a hard time when she was pregnant with Will, but there’s always the chance she’d risk her health for another baby to love. Bold spoilers tease it’s possible Katie can have a child with Wyatt and live through it just fine.

One thing that will not happen is the outrageous rumor that Katie would serve as Brooke Logan’s (Katherine Kelly Lang) surrogate. Why would she? But what Katie would do is risk her health to give a child to the man she loves – Wyatt. Katie loves her son Will, and now she’s falling for Wyatt. What’s more natural than starting a family with the new man in her life? Wyatt has been good to her. He’s not dodgy like Bill Spencer (Don Diamont) or Ridge Forrester (Thorsten Kaye), so she can trust him.

Revenge baby would enrage Quinn

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers from SheKnows Soaps promise that there’s more fallout to come from Quinn’s tantrum after she caught Katie and Wyatt in bed. Eric Forrester (John McCook) tries to get Quinn to see reason, but she won’t accept Watie as a couple. When Quinn schemes to split them, rumor has it that Katie decides to get back at Quinn while assuring she and Wyatt grow closer. Katie’s feelings for Wyatt are enough to encourage a pregnancy, but if it infuriates Quinn, then all the better.

Of course, Dollar Bill must be considered as well. Will he be angry that Katie and Wyatt are together? Bill might surprise Bold fans and Watie by accepting their relationship right off the bat. Right now, Bill is obsessed with punishing Liam Spencer (Scott Clifton), whom he blames for his split with Brooke. Bill doesn’t have the time or energy to be mad at Katie and Wyatt. Plus, since Bill abruptly dumped her for her sister, he wants Katie to have some joy in her life – and Wyatt, too.

Could a revenge baby trigger reconciliation?

Remember from B&B history that Quinn badly wants a grandchild. When Hope Logan (Kim Matula) was carrying Wyatt’s baby, Quinn was so thrilled. But since Hope didn’t want Quinn around, they argued, Hope fell down the stairs and lost the baby, and Wyatt was furious at his mother. Let’s hope Quinn learned her lesson from that awful encounter. If Katie does get pregnant by Wyatt, whether it’s on purpose, an accident, or part of a revenge plot, it could be good for everyone.

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers promise that so long as Katie has the best medical care, she should be fine. Plus, Quinn might put her dislike of Katie aside so that she can finally get to be a grandma. There’s also the fact that if Quinn terrorized pregnant Katie, Wyatt and Eric would come down on her like a ton of bricks. A Watie baby could be just the ticket to get Quinn to accept their relationship and embrace Katie as Wyatt’s new love. Come back often for more Bold and the Beautiful spoilers.

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