Kate Middleton And Prince William’s Secret Family Shame: Her Uncle Arrested For Assaulting His Wife

Middleton family black sheep, Gary Goldsmith, the uncle of Kate and Pippa Middleton, has been arrested and charged with assault by beating after a late-night altercation with his wife, Julie-Ann Goldsmith. The arrest took place in front of the Goldsmith’s home, and he spent a night in jail before being released on bond.

According to the Daily Mail, the evening began with the couple attending a charity fundraising auction at London’s Home House, where the Goldsmith’s successfully bid on a 10-day “bucket list” trip to climb Mount Kilimanjaro. The 52-year-old self-made multi-millionaire tweeted a selfie with his fourth wife, who appeared to be enjoying the black-tie event.

However, just hours later the couple’s fun evening turned violent when, according to taxi driver Daniel Shepherd, Goldsmith hit his wife in the eye after she accused him of drug use.

“He was screaming and swearing at her, and she slapped him around the face, and his glasses fell off,” Shepherd claimed. “He then turned and hit her in the face with a left hook. She fell and cracked her head on the pavement.”

Goldsmith is due in court on October 31st, and in the meantime, he is banned from talking to his wife while the case is under investigation.

Closer Weekly reports that the Middleton’s have had limited contact with Goldsmith in recent years, and Prince William and Kate Middleton cut him off completely in 2009 after his wife’s uncle was exposed as being a playboy who enjoyed hard drugs and liked to brag about his Royal connections.

Back in May, his family attempted to forgive and forget Goldsmith’s past actions and invited him to the wedding of Pippa Middleton and James Matthews.

The Economic Times reveals that Goldsmith owns a villa in Spain he calls “La Maison de bang bang,” but he claims that he is not a bad boy, and instead, he just has his moments.


The brother of Carole Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge’s mother, Goldsmith is known for his brash behavior and vulgarity but tries to brand himself as a “rough diamond” that has his heart in the right place. However, no one knows if this latest incident will be the last straw when it comes to his relationship with his sister and family, especially Prince William and Kate Middleton.

[Featured Image by Chris Jackson/Getty Images]